The Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum is located near by Ankara Castle. The museum building was first an Ottoman caravansarai which was built by Mahmud Pasha in 15th century. The caravansarai has has 28 rooms on the ground floor and 30 rooms in the first floor. This is the first museum in Ankara which was founded by Mubarek Galip bey in 1921.

Since the Anatolia is the cradle of the civilizations, the museum houses many artefacts and findings from Palaeolithic Age to the present.

Palaeolithic Age (- 8,000): The remainings were discovered in Antalya Karain cave. In the Palaeolithic Age, people were hunters and gatherers and were living in the caves. Some artefacts and bones are on display in the museum.

Neolithic Age (8,000-5,500): This age is the beginning of the agriculture when also some communities were establish . Turkey has two important settlements which are Çatalhöyük and Hacilar, located in central Anatolia. The museum houses the mother goddess cult, earthenware and some tools on display.

Calcolithic  Age (Copper Age 5,500-3,000): The people started to use copper rather than bones and stones in the daily life. Anatolia has some settlement of this age; Tilkitepe, Hacilar, Alişar, Alacahöyük.

Old Bronze Age (3,000-1950): In this age, the people added tin and alloy to copper and invented Bronze. They learned  about all metals of the age with casting and hammering techniques. The museum has some remaining from Alacahoyuk, Hasanoglan, Mahmatlar, Eskiyapar, Horoztepe, Karaoglan, Merzifon, Etiyokusu.

Hittites (1,750-1,200 BC): The first well-organized civilization in Anatolia that they settled by Kızılırmak basin. The capital city was Hattuşaş and their other cities were Inandik, Eskiyapar, Alacahoyuk, Alisar and Ferzant. The Hittites left many artefacts in Anatolia that some of them are on display in The Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. 

The museum has countless other historical pieces that come from the Phrygians, Urartus, Greeks, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans.

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