During the Archaic Era, Miletos led the Hellenic world in both intellectual achievement and trade. As the Greeks of Western Anatolia contended with the Persian Empire, Milesians played a pivotal role in events that affected all Ionia. Destroyed, rebuilt and finally abandoned, its ruins rise out of waterlogged ground or bale hillsides to haunt us.

Miletos was the first city in Anatolia to be colonized by Greeks. In about 1700 BCE, in the Middle Bronze Age, Minoans from Crete were attracted by its ideal situation on a defensible peninsula with four natural harbours and good agricultural land. Miletos was the most wealthy city where firstly coins were minted. Moreover, Miletos was the home of the most important ancient philosophers in the 7-6 BC. Thales originated scientific thought; Anaximander was the first sceptical thinker; and his student Anaximenes made the first material principal studies and also home of Isodorus one of the architects of Hagia Sophia. In recent years, they have discovered that Miletos had been built on a grid plan. Hippodamus who was named as “ father of city planning” by Aristotle, received credit for this type of urban design.

When you travel to Miletos, firstly a giant theater welcomes you, firstly built by the Greeks then expanded by the Romans with capacity 15,000 persons. The Byzantine Citadel, when the Turks began to invade the city, it served as the palace of the governor. Agora, the shopping and the meeting point. Lion Harbour, bringing the chaotic scene of maritime commerce. Harbour Monument, commemorated the triumph of Octavian which was erected after the Battle of Actium in 31 AD. Sacred Way, ceremonial Street 28 m. 100 m. Long where the important events took place. Hellenistic Gymnasium, the Greeks attached to education and athletic trainings for boys. Bouleuterion, the council where the boule met to discuss the day-to-day running of the city. And many others can be seen in this magnificent ancient city with Romos Travel.

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