According to Otoman arhives in 1693, the synagogue existed before the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans. Ahrida Synagogue (Uhr, Toh, Balat) was named after the Ohri city which is situated in Macedon. The synagogue is located in Balat neighborhood of ıstanbul and it is the biggest one among the Balat’s synagogues. The Ahrida Synagogue was burnt during the Great Istanbul Fire in 1690 and was renovated in 1694. According to inscription on the wall, the synagogue was renovated by the  architect Hüsrev Tayla with the commission of 500. Years Foundation in 1992.  The lectern of the synagogue resembles like a galley. According to a belief, this form reminds us the Noah’s Ark. And the other submission; the ark symbolies the galleys which brought the Safarids from Spain to the Ottoman Empire.

The other importance for the Turkish history, it was organized a religious ceremony and prayed for the Ottoman soldiers who were at war against the Russian Emire at Crimea.

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