The Beylerbeyi Palace was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz in 1861-1865. The architects are Sarkis and Agop Balyan brothers. The Beylerbeyi Palace was designed as a summer palace.

Unlike the other Ottoman palaces, Beylerbeyi Palace does not have heating system. Morover, the palace has a swimming pool. The palace has Gothic and Neo-classic architectures.

It has two floors and ornated with gold plated columns, mosaics, paintings. Beylerbeyi Palace consists of 24 rooms, 1 hamam, 1 bathroom, 6 kiosk in the garden. The palace is located on the Asian side by the Bosphorus. The palace is a museum today.

During your visit, you can see the original meeting rooms, dining rooms, bath rooms. One of the last Ottoman Sultans Abdulhamid II passed away in Beylerbeyi Palace in 1918. His study room, bedroom and bath room can be seen today.

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