The Chora Church was built by St. Teodius in 534 during the reign of emperor Justinian. The monastery was restored by the empress Maria Dukaina in 11th century. In 1511, the church was converted into a mosque. The Chora Church has many mosaics on the wall and they are from 11th and 14 centuries.

The mosaics still can be seen as they were plastered when the church was converted into a mosque. The mosaics are basicly about the birth of Jesus Crist, birth of Virgin Mary, miracles of Jesus Crist and the Saints of Christinaity. Chora Church was converted into a museum 1949. With the decision of cabinet, the statue of the museum has been changed and has become a mosque once again. Like the other mosques is Turkey, everyone is allowed to visit Hagia Sophia.The museum is located in Edirnekapı neighboorhood of Fatih district.

The Mosaics are basically;

  1. Six large dedicatory or devotional panels in the outer and inner narthexes
  2. The Ancestry of Christ in two domes of the inner narthex
  • The Cycle of the Life of theBlessed Virgin in the first three bays of the inner narthex
  1. The Cycle of the Infancy of Chrt in the lunettes of the outer narthex
  2. The Cycle of Christ’s Ministry in the vaults of the outer narthex and the fourth bay of the inner narthex
  3. The three panels in the nave

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