Acroosing the Golden Horn has always been a problem, both in the Roman and Ottoman periods.

Emperor Justinian attemped to built a bridge over the Golden Horn. The bridge was built but did not survive so long. After the conquest of Constantinapolis, sultan Mehmed consructed a bridge in 15th century, after awhile it demolished. Sultan Bayezid asked for a Project from Leonardo da Vinci.

He planed the bridge with 240 meters lenght and 40 meters wide. But the Project has never been finished. It would have been the longest and the largest bridge ever for that time. Until 19th century, no one attemp to plan a Project. The first modern bridge was consructed by the sultan Abdulmejid in 1845.

Since then the Galata Bridge has been fixed and it links the old city and the new town. There are many sea food restaurants under the bridge. And people are fishin non-stop on the bridge.

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