Also known as Leander’s Tower as well as Kız Kulesi in Turkish. There are many legendary stories about the tower and the most popular one is; there was a king and the king had a beloved daughter. The monks told the king that a snake would bite his daughter on her 18th birthday.

Then the king built the tower so that his daughter would be far away the land and avoid the snake. But the prophecy did not stop following. One day, the servents brougt some grapes with baskets and a snake was lurking among the grapes. Finally, the snake bite her.

This ancient tower stands on a rocky out-crop at the entrance to the Bosphorus just offshore Uskudar. It is presently used as a lighthouse. The original tower was built in 12th century by the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenos (1143-1180), who aimed to find a firm foundation for the chain which was used to close off the Bosphorus to sea traffic. Today, Maiden’s Tower is one the most popular restaurants of Istanbul. The Maiden’s Tower can be better seen from the Bosphorus.

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