Blachernae Palace-The Palace of Porphyrogenitus

The Palace of Porphyrogenitus is located in Edirnekapi neighborhood of Istanbul near the city walls and close by the Chora Museum. In the Turkish history the palace is known as the “Empire’s Home”. It is unkown exactly when or by whom this was palace built. But the palace was named after the emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus VII in the 10th century. Although the palace was also known as the “High Palace”, it served as a part of Blachernae Palace. The Byzantine emperors oftenly preferred to stay at this palace between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Following the years after the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans, the palace lost its value and abandoned for many years. According to a romour, the Spoon Maker Didamond (Kasikci Diamond) which is 86 carats was found in the palace in the 17th century. The diamond is on display in Topkapi Palace. The Palace of Porphyrogenitus serves as a museum where you can see the civil Byzantine architecture.

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