It is unknown that by whom and when this palace was built. Only we know that the palace was used by the Grand vezier Ibrahim Pasha (1593-1536). He served as the Grand Vezier of Suleiman the Magnificent(1523-1536). He lived in this building as his pavilion in 16. century.

The museum is located next to the Hippodrome (At Meydani) and the another information about the museum is; it is the last museum, was opened by the Ottomans. The museum includes almost everything about Islamic art.

After the republic the building was converted into a museum completely. The museum includes; the art of Abbasis, Umayyads, Timurids, Andalusias, Caucasians, Parsees, Ayyubids, Safavids. Many kinds of calligraphi, carpets, kilims, sarcophagus from medivial and early islamis periods. According to some historians; the palace was more beautiful then the Topkapi Palace. If you interest in arts and Islam you shoul not miss it.

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