Izmir is situated on the western coast of Turkey, known as the Pearl of Aegean. The history dates back to archaic era 3,000 BC. The Greek colonists settled at Izmir (Symrna) before the and of second millennium. Homer the writer of Iliad was born in İzmir and Strabo spent his years in this city. When Alexander the Great came from Sardis to Smyrna, he rested after hunting by the Mount Pagos (Kadife Kale). During the era when the Pergamon ruled most of the Aegean coats, Smyrnaeans resisted their hegomany for years. Eventually, after the Romans inherited Pergoman Kingdom, Smyrna passed under control of the Roman Empire in 133 AD.

With growing of Christianity in the first Century, Smyrna was mentioned by St. John in the Book of Revalations as one of the seven churches of asia. The first bishop Polycarp became martyr in 155 AD when he was 86, he was ordained and installed by St. John in Izmir (Symrna).

Today, Izmir is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey. Although, there is not much remainings from the ancient times, with a modern architecture, beautiful shore and neighborhoods such as; Konak Square which is not far from the Izmir Arheology Museum and the Agora. Alsancak, Bornova and Karşıyaka

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