Seven advises from Rumi; in generosity and helping others be like a river, in compassion and grace be like the sun, in concealing others fault be like the night, in anger and fury be like a dead, in humility and modesty be like earth, in tolerance be like the sea, either look as you are or be as you look. 

The Islamic philosopher, theolegian and poet, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi was born in 1207, in Khorassan. The meaning of Mevlana is “our master and president” and implies the love of people for him. Although he lived in Konya, also went to Damascus and Tebriz, he attended the lectures of different scholars. Mevlana is known as the founder of Mesnevi and the leaders of the Dervishes. After his death, they built a tomb in 1274 where the other derwishes are also buried. The Mausoleum consits of library, madrasah, kithen, graves and rooms of dervishes.

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