Trabzon Hagia Sophia Church was built by the Emperor Manuel I who also founded Pontus Empire in 1238-1263. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Otoman Sultan Mehmed II in 1461, the church was converted into a mosque in 1584. However, since they paused to practice in Hagia Sophia for a long time, the construction fell into ruin. In 1865, Hagia Sophia was renovated by the local people thEn re-opened to the prayers. But during the WW1, the Russian army invaded Trabzon and they used Hagia Sophia ammunition store and hospital. In 1960’s, Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum and in 2013 converted into a mosque.

Eventhough Hagia Sophia is being used as a mosque, it is open to the visitors. It still has the lots of different symbols of the Romans (Byzantines), worth to see.

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