Almost 1600 years old and located on the high cliffs of Pontic Mountains, dedicated to Virgin Mary. The founders were two Greek priests called as Barnabas and Sophronions, during the reign of Roman Emperor Theodosius in 4C AD. In the following years, Sumela Monastery had been renovated by the Roman Emperors. In the 13th century, when Trabzon passed under control of the Kommenos Dynasty, the monastery had gained and important position. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Ottomans, Sumela Monastery protected its importance as the Sultan gave special privilege and showed homage to the hermits.

Sumela Monastery had been active until the Russian invasion began in 1916-1918. After the republic of Turkey was founded, the Greek population had to leave because of the exchange population between Turkey and Greece. Today, Sumela Monastery is a Museum including the iconic frescoes, murals and many other arts.

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