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Istanbul Local Tastes

istanbul local tastes

Vefa Bozacisi / FATIH

Boza is the oldest Turkish drink in science. Millet semolina is produced from water and sugar. Vefa Boza opens its first ticaareth shop in 1876. Because of its opening in Vefa district, it gets the name “Vefa Bozacı”. You should definitely try this rare taste of Istanbul.
Address: Katip Çelebi Caddesi 104 Vefa, Unkapanı, Fatih

Marzipan / Bebek

Bebek, the district of historical mansions and villas, has another very famous place in it. “The Famous Baby Marzipan”, serving since 1904. What is the secret? Of course, 75% of marzipan is made by hand. You’ve tried it or you still?
Address: Bebek Mh. Cevdet Pasha Cd. No: 238/1 Besiktas


Fish bread / EMINÖNÜ

You bakmayn Sinan Ozen sing in his song to say fish bread in Üsküdar. Fish bread is eaten on the historical island of Eminonu. The joke is to eat “fish bread” as well as on the historic island, while the great luxury of eating food with a view of the Bosphorus to the side. Oh, what else.
Address: Eminönü Square 🙂


Yoghurt / Kanlıca

Istanbul’s air is the cleanest district in Kanlıca. Kanlıca is also the most famous “Kanlıca yogurt”. The feature of yogurt is the milk powder used to make yogurt and the powdered sugar placed on it. While yogurt is a miracle in itself, kanlıca yogurt is the pinnacle of this business.
Address: Ibrahimpasa cad. Sitki bey sok No: 11 Kanlıca / Istanbul, 34810 Beykoz


Kumpir / ORTAKÖY

What a great invention, potatoes. It’s good to fry separately, it’s good to boil separately. And he has a caliper, and it’s completely beautiful. E there is Bier, which is also famous for this Kumpir, Ortakoy. I don’t think the famous Ortakoy Kumbir. But Ortaköy’s Strait, Square, and beautiful kumpirs identify Kumpir with this place. No matter which caliper you choose, taste this flavor next to the throat.
Address: Ortaköy Meydan


Chocolate / BEYOĞLU

The more crowded my cab, the more chocolate shops have options. They say a thousand kinds, that’s what they say. I called you” the famous Beyoglu Chocolatier, ” and you guess what. It has continued its service life for almost 60 years without opening another branch and continues to do so. If you drop your way to Taksim, do not pass without stopping at the following address.

Address: Clerk Mustafa Çelebi Mah., Istiklal Cd No:69 / A, Taksim


Ice cream / fashion

Summer has arrived and ice cream season has opened. The most famous taste in ice cream is “ice cream Ali Usta”, which is found in Moda. No matter how far you are, come to this store, where you can find fresh ice cream daily without saying summer and winter since 1969. I assure you, you will never, ever regret it.
Address: Moda Cad. No: 264 / A


Baklava / KARAKÖY

The most special of traditional Turkish desserts, with plenty of ingredients and a thin dough, the taste of carefully prepared baklavas will remain on your palate for life. Of course, the most famous taste “Güllüoğlu Baklava”
Address: Dock Cad. Parking Lot Six No: 3-4 Karaköy


Kurufasülye / Suleymaniye

Kurufasulye is one of the indispensable tastes of our cuisine. Come closer, come closer. I’ll tell you the most delicious place to taste. “Ali Baba Of Erzincanli, The Famous Dry Bean Maker From The Historical Suleymaniyeli”. It has been in service since 1924.
Address: Suleymaniye Mahallesi, Professor Siddik Sami Onar Caddesi, No 11, Fatih


Pickles / CIHANGIR

You put lemon in? You put the vinegar? I don’t know, but I’m sure pickles are eaten in Cihangir. And the connoisseur of this job is the “Asri Pickle”. If I say that the scene of the famous fight in the movie joyous days was shot in this store, it is enough. If you’re hungry for pickles, you don’t have to go anywhere else, the address is obvious.

Address: Kuloğlu Mahallesi, Ağa Hamam Sokak, No 9 / A, Beyoğlu


Burrito / SARIYER

It’s indispensable to my morning breakfasts. Water pie, Blunt pie, chamomile, cheese. Although Sariyer is famous for its districts such as Kilyos, Bahçeköy and Zekeriyaköy, it is the most famous pastry for me. “Sariyer Burrito” is the piri.

Address:New Neighborhood Street No: 50 Sariyer

Istanbul Local Tastes best for food lovers!

Uykuluk / SÜTLÜCE

A flavor that doesn’t find its value when it’s called offal is sleepiness. People who live around Sütlüce or whose path falls here, eskaza know the taste of this taste. After the Rugby matches, this place became indispensable. I’m in my parents ‘ blood again. The most famous sleeper in Sütlüce is”Liman sleeper”. The address is from us.
Address: Sütlüce Mahallesi, Elm Cd. No: 96, 34445 Beyoğlu / Istanbul


Famous Tastes Identified With Istanbul’s Districts

It’s a pity if you live in Istanbul and don’t know these tastes. No, I’m not in Istanbul, but if you say you will come at the first opportunity, make a note of this list immediately. Of course, there is a place in our most famous taste list. What is famous about which district of Istanbul? let’s know where to eat, what to drink. ”Famous tastes that have become famous in Istanbul ” we have compiled for you.


Turkish delight / PENDIK

It’s an indispensable delight for holidays, ceremonies to ask for girls. “Haji Bekir marshmallows” is a marshmallow and confectionery legend that has existed since 1777.
Address: Muvakkithane Cad. No. 14-16 Kadıköy


Sultanahmet district is one of the most frequently visited districts by foreign tourists as well as local tourists. The most famous taste that comes to our mind when it comes to Sultanamet is meatballs. The famous “Sultanahmet patties”, named after sultanamet, are one of the important tastes of Istanbul. If you are going to eat, our advice is to eat at the “historical Sultanahmet folk meatballs Selim Usta”, which has been serving since 1920.
Address: Famous Sultanahmet Meatballs, Divan Road Cd No: 12, Fatih


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