Daily Antalya Tours
Antalya is situated on the southern, Mediterrranean coast of Turkey. Antalya is a modern, resort and much prefered summer vacation city. Besides its ancient sites, the city has a long beach streches all along the Mediterrranean Sea. Antalya was founded by the Pergamene King Attalos and it is beleived that the name of the city derives from Attalos. The Seljuks made Antalya winter capital city and ruled about two centuries. The Seljuks built defense walls all around the city and they still can be seen today. Within the old city there are many ancient Turkish houses with “cumba” an oriel window. We Romos Travel Agency offers you Daily Antalya Tours with the ancient sites and the natural parts; Antalya Old City Tour, Perge. Aspendos and Side Tour, Waterfall Tours, Scuba Diving and many other activites. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Romos Travel.

antalya city tour

Antalya City Tour

The favourite city of King Attalos and the winter capital city of the Seljuks.
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perge aspendos side tour

Perge, Aspendos and Side Tour

Explore the historical and archaeological sites of Antalya
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demre myra and kekova tour

Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour

Visit the birthplace of Santa Claus and the city of ancient actors and actresses
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