Daily Pamukkale Tours
Pamukkale which means the Cotton Castle in Turkish. The hot spring have been come from for 14,000 years non-stop and the White colour is the result of chemical reaction of calcium carbonate and the spring water. Since the ancient times, Pamukkale has always been an important city that it was founded by Pergamene king Eumenes II in 3rd BC. and he named the city as Hierapolis after his wife. In Daily Pamukkale Tour, we are combining historical tour at Hiearapolis ancient city and leisure at the white terraces. Evethough you can not swim on the terraces, you can swim at Cleopatra’s Pool. Besides Pamukkale Tour, we also organize trips to neighbooring ancient cities such as Aphrodisas and Laodicea. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Romos Travel. We are oganizing the most affordable and comfortable tours in Turkey.

pamukkale tour

Pamukkale Tour

Explore the natural beauty of Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city
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aphrodisias and hierapolis tour

Aphrodisias and Hierapolis Tour

Both of the ancient cities are with full of archaeology and deep history
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hierapolis and laodicea tour

Hierapolis and Laodikeia Tour

Visit the land of prophecy and land of water which are one of the […]
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aphrodisias tour

Aphrodisias Tour

Do not miss to visit the city of Aphrodite. And also the city of […]
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