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Aphrodisias Tour

Aphrodisias Tour – Do not miss visiting the city of Aphrodite. And also the city of the ancient sculptures. Join our Guided Aphrodisias Tour and enjoy the Turkey Daily Tours with Package Tour Turkey.


Guided Aphrodisias Tour

At 09.30 am, pick up from your hotel and drive to Aphrodisias. We are visiting one of the fascinating ancient cities of Turkey. Once Roman Emperor Augustus said, “I’ve chosen this city among the whole Asia Minors cities.” Aphrodisias educated the most talented sculptors in ancient times. We are going to see Sebasteion is a temple dedicated to the Roman emperors and Aphrodite. Theater, with three-story stage construction and has a capacity of 7,250 persons, dating back to 2C AD. Agora was the marketplace and the meeting point, dating back to 1C AD. The portico was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Hadrian Baths, dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, is one of the most important public buildings. Bishop’s Palace and the guest room located to the north of the courtyard, worth seeing and dating back to 5C AD. Aphrodite Temple is almost the most important structure of Aphrodisias. Because the city was dedicated to the deity Aphrodite, the temple dates back to 1C BC. Odeon had an important role in the city. It was an attractive place for concerts; the capacity was 1,750 persons and dates back to 2C AD. Tetrapylon, the monumental gate built in 2C AD. The gate has Corinthian columns and lots of carvings on it. The symbol of Aphrodisias, re-erected 1984-1991 by archeologist Kenan Erim whose grave is near the gate.

After the ruins’ walking tour, we reach the Aphrodisias Museum to see many artifacts on display then proceed to lunch. We drive back to your hotel at 15.00.

After the Aphrodisias sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel.

Aphrodisias Tour Details

Departure & Return Location 

Pamukkale, Denizli, Izmir, Kusadasi, Kusadasi Port and Selcuk area/ Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Aphrodisias Tour

    Aphrodisias Tour: The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction to Aphrodisias

    The ancient city of Aphrodisias, which is nestled in the scenic hills of southwest Turkey, is known for its impressive archaeological ruins and long history. It is the perfect location for history buffs and tourists looking for a remarkable experience because of its well-preserved structures and distinctive fusion of Greek and Roman architecture. In our complete guide, we’ll go through the numerous Aphrodisias tour packages, vacation packages, travel advice, and sightseeing options that await you on your trip to this alluring location.

    Aphrodisias Tour Packages

    Exploring the History and Culture

    With a guided tour package, you can fully immerse yourself in the captivating history and culture of Aphrodisias. Observe the well-preserved ruins of the city’s namesake and principal feature, the Temple of Aphrodite. Explore several further treasures of the old city, including the Tetrapylon, the stadium, and the theater.

    The Perfect Family Adventure

    Packages for Aphrodisias tours are designed for families seeking a fun and instructive adventure. The whole family can learn about the significance and history of this ancient city while making lifelong memories thanks to the alternatives for guided tours and interactive activities.

    Romantic Getaway

    Aphrodisias tour packages include personal experiences for couples looking for a special and enchanting retreat, including private guided tours, sunset strolls, and even the chance to rekindle your vows in the picturesque settings of the ancient city.

    Aphrodisias Trip Packages

    Customized Itineraries

    Aphrodisias vacation packages give visitors the freedom to alter their schedules, providing a unique experience catered to their interests and tastes. Select from a range of choices, such as escorted tours, excursions, and extracurricular activities, depending on your requirements.

    All-Inclusive Aphrodisias Experience

    All-inclusive Aphrodisias holiday packages provide the utmost convenience for a completely stress-free getaway. You can devote all of your attention to seeing the treasures of Aphrodisias since lodging, meals, and guided tours are all provided.

    Aphrodisias Travel Guide

    How to reach Aphrodisias

    From surrounding cities like Denizli, Izmir, and Antalya, Aphrodisias is conveniently reachable by vehicle or bus. Alternatively, you can book a transfer to Aphrodisias after landing at Antalya or Denizli Cardak Airport. You may go to this fascinating location much more easily because many tour companies include transportation as part of their packages.

    Places to visit in Aphrodisias

    There are numerous breathtaking locations in Aphrodisias. Some attractions that are a must-see are:

    The city’s focal point, the Temple of Aphrodite, is devoted to the goddess of beauty and love.
    One of the world’s best-preserved ancient stadiums, Aphrodisias Stadium once hosted sporting events and tournaments.
    Sebasteion: A spectacular temple complex that features striking sculptures and reliefs.
    The Aphrodisias Museum is an institution that displays artifacts and statues found during the excavation of the ancient city.

    Things to do in Aphrodisias

    Be sure to experience the stunning environment, exquisite architecture, and lively atmosphere of this ancient city while you are in Aphrodisias. Explore the historic streets, take in the intricate sculptures and reliefs, and let Aphrodisias’ past embrace you.

    Aphrodisias Tourism

    Sightseeing Attractions

    Aphrodisias tourism is booming thanks to the abundance of tourist attractions. Visit the Odeon, a little theater that once held performances and gatherings, or explore the historic agora, the city’s main marketplace. Don’t miss the Tetrapylon, a grand doorway covered with elaborate carvings, or the Baths of Hadrian, a magnificently preserved public bath complex.

    Tourist Places in Aphrodisias

    Visitors can enjoy a range of tourist attractions in Aphrodisias. Just beyond the archaeological site, in the quaint village of Geyre, unwind while enjoying delectable regional food at the surrounding cafes and restaurants. Think about booking a room at a neighborhood guesthouse to fully experience the culture of the area.

    Aphrodisias is a mesmerizing location that provides history fans, families, and couples with a wonderful experience. It is hardly surprising that Aphrodisias tourism is still thriving given its fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and lovely environment. Your journey to Aphrodisias will undoubtedly be one to remember, whether you go on a guided tour, an all-inclusive vacation package, or a personalized itinerary.

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