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Bursa City Tour

Bursa City Tour – Bursa, as the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire, has many historical buildings. Join the Bursa Tour and enjoy the Daily Bursa Tours with Package Tour Turkey.


Bursa Tour

Bursa City Tour
Your pick-up will be scheduled for 08:30 am from the hotel to start the Bursa Tour. Our Professional tour guide will be introducing the ancient sites of Bursa.

Firstly we will visit the Grand Mosque, the symbolic Mosque of Bursa, which the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid built in 1399 CE. The Grand Mosque is the largest central mosque amongst others in Bursa. The Grand Mosque houses one of the unique Ottoman Calligraphies that Sefik Bey wrote. In the inner walls, there are 192 calligraphies in total.

For the next visit, we will head towards The Green Mosque, commissioned by Sultan Çelebi Mehmet and built by the architect Haci Ivaz Pasha in 1419 CE. The portal at the mosque entrance is the most beautiful sample of Turkish stone carving and has taken many people’s breath away.

We will then visit The Green Tomb; the tomb is an octagonal, pointed dome, and is specific. The tomb consists of cross vaults that have windows in every corner and sarcophaguses on the floor. The tomb’s tiles are mostly green in color, and they are one of the most beautiful samples of Ottoman art.

Next on the list is Cumalıkızık Village, which is one of the oldest villages in Turkey. The village is located in the South of Bursa and is 700 years old. According to Ottoman archives, Cumalikizik was founded by the Ottoman Sultan Orhan in 1200 CE. The village is keeping the traditional Ottoman architecture and culture alive. Cumalikizik Village was taken under control by the Turkish government to protect its atmosphere in 1980.

After the Bursa sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel.

Note: Lunch at a local restaurant.

Bursa City Tour Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Bursa City Tour

    Bursa City Tour: The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction to Bursa, Turkey

    The fourth-largest city in Turkey and a historical treasure is Bursa, which is situated in the northwest of the nation. Bursa is a city that offers a well-balanced combination of natural beauty, ancient sites, and contemporary attractions. It is tucked between the Uludag Mountains and the Marmara Sea. The top Bursa city tours, tour packages, and vacation packages, as well as where to go in Bursa, are all covered in this guide to help you get the most out of your stay.

    Top Attractions in Bursa

    The Grand Mosque

    One of Bursa’s most well-known landmarks is the Grand Mosque, usually referred to as Ulu Cami. This remarkable mosque from the fourteenth century has two minarets, twenty domes, exquisite calligraphy, and elaborate decorations.

    The Green Mosque and the Green Tomb

    The Green Mosque and Green Tomb, which are both parts of the same complex, are another important sight to see in Bursa. The Yesil Camii, popularly known as the Green Mosque, is renowned for its exquisite tilework, and the Green Tomb is where Sultan Mehmet I’s tomb is located.

    The Silk Bazaar

    The Silk Bazaar, also called Koza Han, serves as a showcase for Bursa’s lengthy history as a center of silk manufacture. The best spot to buy silk fabrics, as well as other regional products like spices and trinkets, is in this old market.

    Uludag National Park

    Uludag National Park is a must-see destination for nature lovers. This park offers lovely hiking routes, breathtaking views, and a variety of flora and wildlife. It is also a well-known ski resort in the winter.

    Bursa City Museum

    With displays that span from the prehistoric to the present, the Bursa City Museum provides a thorough look at the history and culture of the city. A trip to this museum is a fantastic chance to learn about Bursa’s colorful past.

    Bursa Tour Packages

    Green Bursa Tour

    Visitors who want to see Bursa’s stunning natural attractions, such as the Green Mosque, Green Tomb, and Uludag National Park, frequently choose the Green Bursa Tour. Transportation, a trained guide, and entry fees to the numerous attractions are typically included in this tour.

    Historical Bursa Tour

    The Historical Bursa Tour is the ideal option for history buffs. The Grand Mosque, the Silk Bazaar, and the Bursa City Museum are among the most important historical monuments that you will visit during this trip to Bursa. A qualified guide will give comprehensive information on the background and importance of each location.

    Adventure Bursa Tour

    The Adventure Bursa Tour may be ideal if you’re searching for a more exhilarating experience. This tour offers a comprehensive and thrilling experience by combining outdoor activities like hiking or skiing in Uludag National Park with visits to historical locations.

    Bursa Trip Packages

    What to Look for in a Bursa Trip Package

    When looking for a Bursa vacation package, take into account the following elements:

    Make sure the package covers lodging, transportation, and attraction admission prices.
    Duration: Pick a package that works with your travel preferences and timetable.
    Guide: Select a package that includes a qualified, seasoned guide who can speak your language.
    A package that allows you to alter the itinerary to incorporate your chosen sights is one you should look for.

    Recommended Trip Packages to Bursa

    Several reputable companies offer Bursa vacation packages, including:

    Bursa Deluxe: This package includes opulent lodging, a private vehicle, and narrated tours of the city’s most popular sights.
    Bursa Explorer: This package, which combines inexpensive lodging, shared transportation, and an extensive city tour, is perfect for tourists on a tight budget.
    Bursa Adventure: For active vacationers looking for a well-rounded experience, this package combines historical and adventure tours.
    Places to visit in Bursa
    Bursa is divided into many districts, each of which has its beauty and attractions:

    The Grand Mosque and the Silk Bazaar are two of Bursa’s most well-known landmarks, both of which are located in Osmangazi, the city’s core area.
    Nilüfer: Known for its up-to-date malls, restaurants, and parks, Nilüfer is a fantastic location to explore Bursa’s modern side.
    Mudanya: A charming neighborhood with lovely beaches and historical sites, Mudanya is situated on the Marmara Sea coast.
    Bursa’s Undiscovered Gems
    Along with the well-known sights, Bursa also boasts many lesser-known locations that are worth visiting, including:

    Several Ottoman sultans’ tombs are located at the Muradiye Complex, which is a historic complex that also includes a mosque and a madrasa.
    Irgand Bridge is a distinctive bridge from the fifteenth century that holds a bazaar with stores selling regional goods.
    Cumalikizik Village is a lovely community with Ottoman-era homes that have been restored, small streets, and a laid-back vibe.

    Tips for Visiting Bursa

    Bursa is best visited in the spring or fall when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer tourists around.
    When visiting places of worship, dress modestly by covering your knees and shoulders.
    Make sure to sample the local fare, which includes chestnut sweets and Iskender kebab.

    Bursa is a mesmerizing city with a distinctive fusion of history, culture, and unspoiled beauty. You may maximize your time in Bursa and forge lifelong memories by following our advice and choosing the ideal city tour, tour package, or vacation package.

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