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Bursa Tour with Cable Car

Bursa Tour with Cable Car – Enjoy the most popular cable car and the ski Mount Uludag in Bursa. Join our Guided Bursa Tour. Book the Daily Tours Bursa with Package Tour Turkey.


Guided Bursa Tour

After breakfast, your pick-up will be scheduled for 08:30 am from the hotel to start the Bursa Tour. Our Professional tour guide will be introducing the ancient sites of Bursa.

Visit the Grand Mosque, the symbolic Mosque of Bursa, which was built by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid in 1399. The Grand Mosque is the largest central mosque among the others. The Grand Mosque houses one of the unique Ottoman Calligraphies that Sefik Bey wrote. In the inner walls, there are 192 calligraphies in total. The Green Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Çelebi Mehmet and was built by the architect Haci Ivaz Pasha in 1419. The portal at the entrance of the mosque is the most beautiful sample of Turkish stone carving. The Green Tomb, The tomb is an octagonal, pointed dome with and specific characteristic style. The tomb consists of cross vaults that have Windows in every corner and sarcophaguses on the floor. The tomb’s tiles are mostly green in color, and they are one of the most beautiful samples of Ottoman art. Inkaya Village houses a plane tree that is 600 years old. Between the land and sky, enjoy an amazing view of Bursa city and Uludag Mountain. Cable Car arrives every 19 seconds, and each car has 6 people capacity, a total of 140 cars. Climbing the summit takes 25 minutes from the Bursa center station named Teferruc to the Hotels area named Kurbaga Kaya, every day 1500 people climb the Olympos mountain via cable car.

After the Bursa sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel.

Note: Lunch at a local restaurant.

Bursa Tour with Cable Car Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Bursa Tour with Cable Car Photos
    Bursa Tour with Cable Car Map
    Bursa Tour with Cable Car

    A Memorable Journey: Bursa Cable Car and Uludağ Mountain Experience

    Introduction to Bursa and Uludağ Mountain

    Bursa: A Historical Overview

    The picturesque city of Bursa, which is situated in northwest Turkey, is well known for its extensive history, thriving culture, and magnificent architecture. Bursa, which served as the Ottoman Empire’s former capital, is home to various historical landmarks, such as the Green Mosque, the Silk Market, and a large number of traditional Turkish spas.

    Uludağ Mountain: The Majestic Beauty

    The tallest mountain in the Marmara region, Uludag Mountain, is a well-liked tourism site for both locals and visitors. Uludag Mountain, famous for its verdant woods, varied flora and fauna, and spectacular views provides year-round leisure opportunities like hiking, skiing, and paragliding.

    Bursa Cable Car: Your Ticket to the Skies

    Bursa Turkey Cable Car: A Brief History

    The first Bursa cable car, known as a “teleferik” in Turkish, was constructed in 1963 to link the city’s downtown with Uludag Mountain. This feat of engineering created an easy and fun way to reach the mountain’s summit and immediately gained popularity among tourists.

    Teleferik Bursa: The Modern Marvel

    Technical Specifications

    Modernized in 2014, the Bursa cable car offers cutting-edge technology and greater capacity. The trip from Teferrüç station to the mountain’s peak is 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) long and takes around 25 minutes, with each gondola holding eight passengers.

    Operating Hours and Ticket Information

    The cable car’s regular operating hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., though they can change depending on the time of year and the weather. Adults can purchase a round-trip teleferik Bursa ticket for 100 Turkish Lira; however, minors and the elderly can pay less.

    Exploring Bursa: Private Tours and Tour Packages

    Bursa Private Tours

    Private tours in Bursa provide the opportunity to discover the city and its surroundings at your speed for those looking for a more individualized experience. Whether you’re a history buff, a wildlife lover, or just trying to get a feel for the place, knowledgeable guides can adjust the schedule to your interests.

    Bursa Tour Packages

    Bursa tour packages, on the other hand, offer a hassle-free method to discover the city and its attractions. You can fully immerse yourself in the Bursa experience without worrying about logistics thanks to these packages, which frequently include transportation, guided tours, and meals.

    A Day in Bursa: Itinerary Suggestions

    Morning: Green Mosque and Silk Market

    Visit Bursa’s famous Green Mosque first thing in the morning to take in its magnificent architecture and beautiful tile work. Then, go through the crowded Silk Market where you may shop for priceless silk clothing and antique items.

    Afternoon: Uludağ Mountain Adventure

    It’s time to take the Bursa cable car to Uludag Mountain after a morning of cultural exploration. As you make your way up to the summit, take in the breathtaking vistas as you go. From there, you may engage in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, or just relaxing with a picnic.

    Evening: Relaxing in a Traditional Turkish Bath

    Spend a relaxing evening at a traditional Turkish bath, also known as a “hammam,” where you may unwind and engage in ages-old purifying rituals. Experience genuine relaxation as you soak in the warm water and get a relaxing massage.

    A visit to Bursa, Turkey, is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that combines the city’s rich history, breathtaking natural beauty, and cutting-edge wonders like the Bursa cable car. This charming city and its spectacular Uluda Mountain are guaranteed to make an impact, whether you decide to take a private tour or benefit from a complete tour package.

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