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Ephesus Skydiving Tour

Skydiving Tours in Turkey

Ephesus Skydiving Tour / Tandem skydiving. Feel the adrenalin rush. Jump from aircraft over the Aegean Sea with professional pilots and explore the ancient city of Ephesus from the sky at Turkey’s skydiving center and enjoy Turkey Extreme Sports. Book the Skydiving Tours in Turkey with Package Tour Turkey.

Skydiving Tour in Ephesus
Ephesus Skydive and Tandem tour are full of adrenaline & a Lifetime experience.

Before the flight, our pilots will instruct us about the process and equipment used to lay back and enjoy an amazing Ephesus Ancient City view.

Book your seats to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Ephesus ancient city.

Pick up from Kusadasi port or Kusadasi, Selcuk Hotels.

Use the quality types of equipment with all safety measures, jump over 10.000 ft, and experienced pilots, Freefall for around 45 minutes.

There are some requirements and rules for this tour. Please check below;

*Maximum Weight: 90 KG

*Maximum Height: 1,90 CM

*Age under 18 not allowed.

*Tour takes around 1 to 3 hours depending on weather conditions.

PS: Please wear comfortable clothes. Sandals, boots, or high-heel shoes are not suggested.


Ephesus Skydiving Tour Details


Departure & Return Location


Kusadasi, Kusadasi Port, Selcuk Hotels


Price Include


Pick up from the hotel or Kusadasi Port
Ephesus Skydiving Tour
Drop off back to the hotel or Kusadasi Port


Price Exclude


Gratuities to trainer
Personal expenses
Meals and Beverages


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    Ephesus Skydiving Tour


    Turkey is a gorgeous nation recognized for its extensive history, breathtaking scenery, and exhilarating outdoor pursuits. Skydiving is one such experience that has greatly increased in popularity. This post will concentrate on Ephesus skydiving tours, skydiving in Turkey, the associated costs, and other crucial details to assist you in organizing your ideal adrenaline-fueled vacation.

    The Ephesus Skydiving Tour

    Skydiving fans would love Ephesus because it is a historic city with a rich history. Adventure seekers from all over the world are drawn to the area because of its special blend of history and excitement.

    What to Expect

    As you get ready for your jump in Ephesus, you might anticipate meeting a group of knowledgeable professionals. Before you board the aircraft, these professionals will give you a thorough safety briefing and make sure you feel at ease using the tools and following the instructions. Before taking the plunge and free-falling into the air, you’ll get to take in an amazing view of the old city and its surroundings as the plane ascends.

    Taking Safety Measures

    The primary priority throughout a skydiving trip is your safety. Throughout the entire process, qualified and experienced instructors will be guiding you. Additionally, they’ll make sure you have the necessary accessories, like a tandem parachute, goggles, and a jumpsuit.

    Booking Your Tour

    An Ephesus skydiving trip can be scheduled with a few simple clicks. Many tour companies have online booking alternatives that let you select your favorite date, time, and even unique packages.

    Skydiving in Turkey

    Turkey has many amazing skydiving spots, each with its distinctive qualities and allure.


    The best months to skydive in Turkey are often April through October. The pleasant, sunny weather during these months makes for ideal conditions for an unforgettable skydiving experience.


    It’s critical to plan your skydiving trip in Turkey and take into account prices, gear, and other elements that could impact your experience.

    Skydiving Equipment

    Operators of skydiving in Turkey follow international safety regulations and offer all required gear for a secure and fun experience.

    Skydive in Turkey

    Both inexperienced and experienced jumpers can enjoy skydiving as a thrilling activity.

    First-Time Skydivers’ Experience

    A tandem leap is the best choice if you have never gone skydiving before. You can do this to enjoy the rush of skydiving while being safely fastened to a qualified instructor. They will assist you at every step and watch out for your safety while you jump.

    Tips for a Successful Skydive

    Pay close attention to your instructor’s directions and do what they say.
    Put on relaxed clothing and well-fitting shoes.
    Trust your instructor and remain composed.
    Do not forget to take in the breathtaking views while living in the moment.

    Kusadasi Skydiving

    Another well-liked skydiving location in Turkey is Kusadasi, which has certain distinctive qualities that make it a must-see for thrill-seekers.

    Why Kusadasi?

    The lovely beaches of Kusadasi and its proximity to Ephesus, a historic city, are well recognized. You can experience breathtaking views of the coastline and historical sites when skydiving in Kusadasi, which heightens the adventure.


    The ancient city of Ephesus may be flown over while skydiving in Kusadasi, offering a distinctive viewpoint on the historical landmarks. Additionally, the picturesque coastal vistas serve as the stunning backdrop for your skydiving adventure.

    Skydiving in Turkey blends history, stunning scenery, and heart-pounding exhilaration for a memorable experience. You are certain to have an amazing time whether you decide to jump at Ephesus, Kusadasi, or any other site in Turkey. There has never been a better moment to take the plunge and experience the thrill of skydiving in Turkey, with safety being given high attention and a wide range of alternatives for both novice and expert skydivers.

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