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Fethiye Paragliding Tour

Paragliding in Fethiye

Fethiye Paragliding Tour – Take a flight above the Oludeniz & Blue Lagoon Paragliding in Fethiye with professional and experienced pilots. Book the Turkey Paragliding tours with Package Tour Turkey.

Paragliding Tour in Fethiye
Get ready to experience an unforgettable Fethiye paragliding flight.

Pick up from the hotel and drive to the summit of Babadag mount (6650 Mt.) while watching green woods and specially designed villas with amazing scenery.

Before the flight, our pilots will instruct us about the process and equipment used to lay back and enjoy an amazing view of Oludeniz’s turquoise water and the mountains’ greenery scenery.

There are some requirements and rules for this tour. Please check below

*Maximum Weight: 100 KG

*Age under 14 yrs not allowed.

*Tour starting hours are 10.00 -12.00 and -14.30 – 16.30 a.m. however, guests need to be ready at the pick-up point at least 30 minutes before.


Fethiye Paragliding Tour Details

Departure & Return Location


Fethiye and Oludeniz Hotels


Price Include


Pick up from hotel
Fethiye paragliding
Drop off back to hotel


Price Exclude


Gratuities to trainer
Personal expenses
Meal & Beverages


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    Fethiye Paragliding Tour Photos

    Fethiye Paragliding Tour Map
    Fethiye Paragliding Tour

    Fethiye Paragliding: The Ultimate Adventure

    Fethiye Paragliding: The Ultimate Adventure

    Are you looking for a unique, adrenaline-fueled adventure? Welcome to the world of Fethiye paragliding, where you may enjoy the utmost rush of flying over one of Turkey’s most breathtaking coastal districts. Explore this thorough guide to learn everything there is to know about paragliding in Turkey, adventure travel in Fethiye, and what to anticipate from a paragliding tour in Fethiye.

    Experience Adventure Travel in Fethiye

    Travelers seeking adventure go from all over the world to Fethiye. It’s the ideal location for an amazing paragliding experience with its turquoise waves, immaculate beaches, and historic ruins.

    Fethiye Paragliding Tour: A Thrill Like No Other

    Preparing for Your Paragliding Adventure

    It’s important to make the necessary preparations before beginning your Fethiye paragliding tour. Choose a reliable business to book your excursion with, make sure you’re dressed appropriately, and adhere to any safety instructions given by your instructor.

    The Paragliding Experience

    You’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the Fethiye coastline, the surrounding mountains, and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea as you leap off the edge of Babada Mountain and soar through the sky. As you smoothly glide through the air, put your trust in your pilot to manage the sky.

    Safety Measures and Equipment

    Regarding paragliding, safety comes first. Your paragliding experience will be thrilling and safe thanks to your pilot’s expertise and top-of-the-line gear, which includes a harness, helmet, and parachute.

    Paragliding in Turkey: Discover Fethiye

    The Beauty of Fethiye

    Natural splendor, historical landmarks, and outdoor pursuits are abundant in Fethiye. Fethiye provides a spectacular backdrop for your paragliding journey, with everything from the historic Lycian rock tombs to the world-famous Blue Lagoon in Lüdeniz.

    Best Time to Visit Fethiye for Paragliding

    The best months to go paragliding in Fethiye are April through October, with June through September being the busiest months. These are the best months to fly because of the pleasant, sunny weather.

    Tips for Your Fethiye Paragliding Adventure

    Choosing the Right Paragliding Company

    A safe and pleasurable paragliding trip depends on doing your research and choosing a trustworthy company. Find firms that have seasoned pilots, stellar testimonials, and a commitment to safety.

    What to Wear

    You must dress comfortably and according to the weather for your paragliding excursion. It is advised to wear sturdy shoes, long pants, and a light jacket. You must also use sunscreen and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun.

    Capturing Your Adventure

    The majority of paragliding businesses include a photography or videography service so you may document your exhilarating experience while flying. As an alternative, bring an action camera like a GoPro to document your journey.

    Other Adventure Activities in Fethiye

    Boat Tours and Island Hopping

    Fethiye’s breathtaking coastline is ideal for island-hopping and boat cruises. Visit scenic islands like Butterfly Valley and St. Nicholas Island, as well as secluded coves and waters that are crystal clean.

    Hiking and Trekking

    Numerous breathtaking hiking and trekking trails, including the well-known Lycian Way, can be found near Fethiye. As you travel through this gorgeous area, explore historic monuments, luscious forests, and breathtaking views.

    Visitors looking for actors who are in Turkey should not pass up a Fethiye paragliding excursion. You’ll be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime with careful planning and an emphasis on safety. Your adventure travel plan is likely to be full of excitement with all the various things there are to do in Fethiye.

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