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Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour – 10 Days Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour to South-West of Turkey with Istanbul, Bodrum, Pamukkale & Antalya Tours. Join this Turkey Hidden Gems Tour Package and book it online.


10 Days Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour


Day 1 – Arrive in Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul! Where the continents meet.
Meet at Istanbul Airport: Once you arrive at Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport, after the luggage claim, you will be greeted by a Romos Travel Representative at the meeting area.

Transfer to the hotel: You will be taken to your hotel, and after check-in, you will have time for leisure, and the rest of the day is yours.

Overnight stay in Istanbul.

Day 2 – Istanbul Old City Tour

After breakfast, your pick-up will be scheduled for 8:30 am from the hotel to start the Old City tour. Our professional tour guide will be introducing the ancient sights of Istanbul.

Today you will explore the following highlights of Istanbul.

Hippodrome: Ancient Roman and the Ottoman square where the chariot races were held. There are some Roman remains; Egyptian Obelisk, Serpent Column, and Constantine Columns.

The Blue Mosque: An Ottoman Imperial mosque the Sultan Ahmet I. built in 1609-1616, famous for the blue Ottoman tiles.

Hagia Sophia: Once was the biggest cathedral of Christianity when it was built in 532-537 by the Roman Emperor Justinian and converted into a mosque by the Ottomans.

Topkapi Palace: The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II built the palace after the conquest of Constantinople. Topkapi Palace was the home of the royal family, headquarters, and administrative center of the Ottoman Empire.

Grand Bazaar (Covered Market): The largest and oldest functioning shopping center in the world. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II built the Grand Bazaar in the 15th century. The market consists of 5,000 stores, 66 streets, 24 gates, and much more eye-pleasing architecture. Within the bazaar are many Turkish handicraft stores such as rugs, carpets, kilims, and beautiful Turkish tiles. Upon your request, our guide will be more than happy to help you find your masterpiece of Turkish art.

After the Istanbul Old City sightseeing tour, you will be driven back to the hotel. Overnight stay in Istanbul.

Note: Breakfast at the hotel and lunch at a local restaurant is included.

Day 3 – Bosphorus Cruise, Two Continents Tour

After breakfast, your pick-up will be scheduled for 8:30 am from the hotel to start the Bosphorus tour. Our professional tour guide will be introducing you to the Bosphorus.

Today you will explore the following highlights of the Bosphorus:

Spice Market ( Egyptian Bazaar): The Ottomans built the market in the 17th century. Unlike the Grand Bazaar, the Spice market is much smaller but full of beautiful fragrances of mixed spices, herbs, and traditional sweets. It consists of around 100 stores, 2 streets, and 5 gates.

Bosphorus Cruise: The channel divides Istanbul into two continents and stretches about 32 km between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Along the Bosphorus, there are many settlements to see, such as great Palaces, hotels, yali (private houses), etc. While you are on the boat, you will see the highlights of the Bosphorus including the Dolmabahçe Palace, Ortaköy Mosque, Çırağan Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Rumeli Fortress, Küçüksu Palace, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge ( the second bridge on the Bosphorus), Maiden’s Tower to name a few.

Beylerbeyi Palace: After the sultans westernized the Ottoman Empire, they built some Palace’s modern-western architectural styles. The Beylerbeyi Palace is one of them, located on the Asian side by the Bosphorus. The garden is full of statues, and the rooms with handcrafted arts will take you back in time to the 19th century.

Çamlıca Hill, the highest hill of Istanbul, is situated on the Asian side. The walking path with 360 panoramic views will let you take the best pictures of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

After the Bosphorus sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

Note: Breakfast at hotel and lunch at a local restaurant is included

Day 4 – Flight to Bodrum

After breakfast, we will pick you up from the hotel and head towards the airport for the domestic flight to Bodrum. After landing at Bodrum Airport, drive to Bodrum and check-in hotel, and the rest of the day is yours. Bodrum is a resort and local town on the coast of the Aegean Sea. After dinner at the hotel, you can spend your time in the city center shopping or have some drinks at the local cafes or restaurants. Overnight in Bodrum

Note: Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel.

Day 5 – Bodrum Old City Tour

After breakfast, start the Bodrum Tour. Visit Bodrum Castle, which is also known as St. Peter Castle, built by St. John Knights between 1402-1409. The rooms of the castle are being used as exhibition rooms, and many findings from Bronze Age, archaic, Mycenaean, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine are on display. The Bodrum Castle is also the largest underwater archeological museum in Turkey. Visit Mausoleum, built by the Carian King Mausolus in 4C BC, as his tomb and the Mausoleum was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 

After the Bodrum Old City tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Bodrum.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 6 – Didyma, Miletus and Priene Tour

After breakfast, start the Didyma, Miletos, and Priene Tour. Our first visit is The Temple of Apollon, One of the most important oracles in the ancient World was located at Didyma (Didim). It was designed by Paionios, one of the architects of the temple of Artemis in Ephesus. The oracle at Didyma, which issued many fateful pronouncements, dates back to the worship of a local Anatolian god in prehistoric times.

Visit Miletos, the first city in Anatolia to be colonized by Greeks. In about 1700 BCE, in the Middle Bronze Age, Minoans from Crete were attracted by its ideal situation on a defensible peninsula with four natural harbors and good agricultural land. Miletos was the most wealthy city where firstly coins were minted.

Visit Priene, from the Maeander River’s flat valley; we see a dark green band of trees on a broad terrace below the craggy cliffs of Mount Mycale. They mark the splendid city site that prospered and gradually declined over a period of eight centuries. It sloped gently to the South, offering a prospect over a fertile land towards its harbor and distant mountains.

After the Didyma, Miletos, and Priene sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Bodrum.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 7 – Pamukkale Tour

After check-out and drive to Pamukkale or Cotton Castle, we pick you up from the hotel, one of the most popular and beautiful spots in Turkey. The town is located in Denizli province, southern Turkey. Pamukkale has hot springs that have come from underground for 14,000 years. The hot springs color the slopes in white because the water consists of calcium and carbonate. This site not only attracts tourists, but many people visit Pamukkale with Doctors’ advice. The spring water is good for the skin and bones. It is believed that Cleopatra and Marcus Antonio also came to Pamukkale and swam in the ancient pool together.

Pamukkale also has an ancient city which is called Hierapolis. This city was founded by the Pergamon king Eumenes in 2 BCE. When the city passed to the Romans, they built ancient theatres, baths, forums, agora, and many waterways. Hierapolis has the largest ancient cemetery of all time. After the apostle Philipe was martyred in 80 CE, the city became a pilgrimage center for Christianity. Today, apostle Philipe has a monumental tomb in Hierapolis/Pamukkale.

 After the Pamukkale sightseeing tour, we will drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Pamukkale.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 8 – Antalya Old City Tour

After check-out and breakfast, we will drive to Antalya. We will arrive in Antalya by noon time and will promptly begin the Antalya Old City Tour.

The Pergamon King Attalos founded Antalya, and it is believed that the name of the city derives from Attalos. We’ll be walking among the ancient streets, and the first spot is The Hadrian Gate, built by the Romans on behalf of Emperor Hadrian upon his visit to Antalya in 130 CE. The gate has three arches and Corinthian style Hıdırlık Tower, built-in 2nd Century CE by the Romans, and it is located on the southwest of the Old Town, by the dominating spot of the cliffs.

The tower has a small room on the first floor, and in the upper gallery, there is an observation spot where they could follow the ships or any reaching invasion to the city. Once Antalya is surrounded by a defense wall, the Clock Tower is a small part of this that exists today. They renovated the last part of the defense wall and added a clock in honor of Sultan Abdulhamid to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ascent to the throne. While walking down to the water, near the ancient port, we will stop for a while and rest whilst following the ships and breathing the fresh Mediterranean air.

After the Antalya Old City tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Antalya.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 9 – Aspendos, Perge, Side Tour

After breakfast, we shall drive to Aspendos Theatre, built by Emperor Aurelius, designed with a U-shaped style and leaning slopes. It has 5 gates, and it still protects its acoustic ability, and with 20,000 person capacity, the theatre is still used today to host concerts. Perge was founded as a colony of the Pergamum Kingdom around 300 BCE. During Alexander’s invasion of Anatolia, the residents of Perge served him as his guides. The mathematician Apollonius was born in Perge around 200 BCE. The city passed under Roman control in 188 BCE after Romans inherited the Pergamum Kingdom. 

Side, the naval city was founded by the Anatolian indigenous people who spoke a local dialect that was different from Greek. Side never passed under the control of Pergamum Kingdom. The city’s name means pomegranate, which locals are still growing today. Side is situated by the Mediterranean Sea, and most of the remains date back to 1-4C CE.

After the Aspendos, Perge, Side tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Antalya.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 10 – Transfer to Airport

Breakfast at the hotel, Pick up from hotel and transfer to Antalya Airport for a flight to Istanbul to connect your International flight.

After completing the amazing 10 Days Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour, Package Tour Turkey wishes all guests a very healthy and wonderful life ahead…

Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour Details


Departure & Return Location


Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Can be supplied depending on your International flight details.


Price Include


Flight tickets from Istanbul to Bodrum
Flight tickets from Antalya to Istanbul
Entrance fees, mentioned in itinerary
Professional tour guide at tours
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfersAccommodation is as below:
Istanbul: Albatros Hagia Sophia Hotel or a similar hotel
Bodrum: La Quinta by Wyndham or a similar hotel
Pamukkale: Pam Termal Hotel or a similar hotel
Antalya: Holiday Inn Lara or a similar hotel
9 Breakfast at Hotel
8 Lunch at tour
6 Dinner as mentioned in itinerary

Price Exclude


Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Visa & International flight tickets







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    Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour Photos
    Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour Map
    Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour

    Hidden Gems of Turkey Tour: Best Tours in Turkey

    Turkey is a nation rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. Turkey provides visitors with a wide range of experiences thanks to its special location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. There is something for everyone, from thriving cities like Istanbul to charming towns like Sirince. The top tours in Turkey will be discussed in this post, with an emphasis on the undiscovered attractions that make this nation unique.

    Why Choose a Guided Tour in Turkey

    Benefits of Guided Tours

    Travelers can benefit from guided excursions in Turkey in a variety of ways. They include proximity to well-known attractions and easy access to transportation, as well as an in-depth understanding of the area’s history, language, and culture. Also, by ensuring that you see the most interesting places and enjoy real-world experiences, guided tours can help you make the most of your stay.

    What to Look for in a Quality Tour

    Think about things like the size of the group, the guide’s level of experience, and the itinerary when choosing a guided tour in Turkey. To make your trip truly unforgettable, look for a tour that offers a balance of well-known locations and off-the-beaten-path activities.

    Top Hidden Gems in Turkey


    Hierapolis Ancient City

    The ancient city of Hierapolis, which is now known as Pamukkale, is a fascinating archaeological site. Due to its hot springs and travertine terraces, the city was formerly a well-liked spa resort. Nowadays, you may tour the spectacular Necropolis as well as the well-preserved remnants of the old theater and baths.

    Travertine Terraces

    You won’t want to miss Pamukkale’s travertine terraces, a natural wonder. Years of calcium carbonate deposition in mineral-rich waters produced these crystal-clear, cascading ponds. The terraces provide an extraordinary and otherworldly landscape that is ideal for exploring and taking pictures.

    Ĺžirince Village

    Wine Tasting

    Ĺžirince is a lovely village tucked away in the hills close to Ephesus and is well-known for its fruit wines. You can visit nearby wineries with a guided tour and taste a variety of flavors, including pomegranate, cherry, and black mulberry. A lovely stroll through the village’s cobblestone streets and historic homes is also possible.

    Traditional Turkish Houses

    Ĺžirince is home to some exquisitely maintained historic Turkish buildings. These stone and wood-built homes have undergone meticulous restoration and have been transformed into boutique inns, stores, and eateries. An explanation of the village’s history and culture can be found during a guided tour.

    Other Notable Tours in Turkey


    Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, provides a staggering variety of experiences. There are many sights to see, including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, which are both famous, as well as the thriving Grand Bazaar. You can navigate the city’s diverse culture and rich history with the aid of a guided tour.


    Another important site in Turkey is the ancient city of Ephesus. Impressive remains may be seen at this well-preserved archaeological site, including the Great Theatre, the Library of Celsus, and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A guided tour can provide you with insider insight into the significance and history of these amazing monuments.

    There are many hidden jewels to be found in Turkey, which is a diverse and fascinating country. These guided trips will offer amazing experiences and a deeper comprehension of Turkish culture and history, from the distinctive landscapes of Cappadocia and Pamukkale to the endearing village of Sirince. Don’t pass up the chance to visit these fantastic locations on your next vacation to Turkey.

    Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Pamukkale Tour Package: A Dream Vacation

    Welcome to a fascinating, beautiful, and historic planet! Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, and Pamukkale are a few of the most well-known tourist locations in Turkey that you’ll visit on this incredible trip package. Be prepared to immerse yourself in these amazing cities’ vibrant cultures, breathtaking scenery, and engrossing histories. Let’s explore what to anticipate from this ideal getaway.

    The Wonders of Istanbul

    The Hagia Sophia

    The Hagia Sophia, which was formerly a church and later a mosque, is now a museum and serves as a reminder of Istanbul’s lengthy past. You will be in awe of this architectural marvel’s magnificent mosaics and enormous dome.

    The Blue Mosque

    Another must-see in Istanbul is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also referred to as the Blue Mosque. With its six minarets and elaborate tilework, this majestic building displays the best of Ottoman architecture.

    The Grand Bazaar

    Prepare to get lost in the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. You can discover anything in the more than 4,000 shops, from spices and fabrics to jewelry and mementos.

    The Beauty of Bodrum

    Bodrum Castle

    This beautiful stronghold, also known as the Castle of St. Peter, overlooks the port and is home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The turrets and ramparts of the castle provide breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings.

    Ancient City of Halicarnassus

    Investigate the ruins of Halicarnassus, an ancient city where the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood. The location nevertheless provides fascinating insights into ancient history, even though the mausoleum is no longer in existence.

    Beautiful Beaches

    Bodrum is renowned for its immaculate beaches and crystal-clear waters. You’ll find the ideal location along the breathtaking coastline, whether you want to laze around on the sand or engage in water sports.

    The Delights of Antalya

    Hadrian’s Gate

    Built-in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Hadrian’s Gate is a magnificent illustration of classical Roman design. Stepping under this magnificent archway will transport you to the height of the Roman Empire.

    DĂĽden Waterfalls

    See the DĂĽden Waterfalls’ magnificent splendor as the DĂĽden River flows over many cliffs. While a lovely park surrounds Upper DĂĽden Falls, Lower DĂĽden Falls plunge directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

    Antalya Museum

    Visit the Antalya Museum to learn more about the city’s and area’s rich history. This museum provides a thorough look at the region’s rich past with displays that include relics from prehistoric times to the Ottoman era.

    The Magic of Pamukkale

    The Cotton Castle

    Pamukkale, sometimes referred to as the Cotton Castle, is a unique natural wonder. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has many hot springs and travertine terraces that combine to form an incredible white calcium deposit environment.

    Hierapolis Ancient City

    Discover Hierapolis, an ancient city perched atop the Pamukkale hot springs. The theater, temples, and necropolis at this excellently preserved archaeological site provide an intriguing look into the Greco-Roman era.

    Cleopatra’s Pool

    Swim in the warm waters of the holy Cleopatra’s Pool, which the fabled Queen Cleopatra herself once frequented. You’ll feel like a king or queen having this exceptional experience in historic ruins.

    Tour Package Inclusions

    A typical tour package to Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, and Pamukkale might include the following:


    the means of getting between cities
    entry fees for attractions and guided tours
    a few meals
    Verify the specifics of your chosen tour package to make sure you are aware of what is included.

    Additional Tips

    Because you’ll be visiting several historical locations, bring some suitable walking shoes.
    To protect yourself from the sun, bring a hat and sunscreen.
    To converse with locals, learn a few fundamental Turkish words and phrases.
    Taste some of the regional food and savor the variety of flavors Turkey has to offer.

    The Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, and Pamukkale vacation packages will take you on a memorable adventure across Turkey’s rich history, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture. This once-in-a-lifetime trip gives you an experience that you will always remember.

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