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Istanbul Walking Tour

Istanbul Walking Tour – Discover the queen of the cities with a Guided Istanbul Walking Tour and see the highlights around you. Explore the Istanbul Old City Tour and book it with Package Tour Turkey

Guided Istanbul Walking Tour

Meet with our guide (meeting point will be given after confirmation) at 08.30 a.m and start the Istanbul Old City Tour. Our professional tour guide will be introducing the ancient sights of Istanbul.

You will explore the highlights of Istanbul, such as;

Hippodrome, Ancient Roman, and the Ottoman Square where the chariot races were held. There are some Roman remains; Egyptian Obelisk, Serpent Column, and Constantine Columns.
The Blue Mosque, An Ottoman Imperial mosque that Sultan Ahmet I. built-in 1609-1616, is famous for the blue Ottoman tiles.
Hagia Sophia Once was the biggest cathedral of Christianity when it was built in 532-537 by the Roman Emperor Justinian and converted into a mosque by the Ottomans.
The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II built the Topkapi Palace palace after the conquest of Constantinople. Topkapi Palace was the home of the royal family, headquarters, and administrative center of the Ottoman Empire.
Grand Bazaar (Covered Market), is the largest and oldest functioning shopping center in the world. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II built the Grand Bazaar in the 15th. Century. The market consists of 5,000 stores, 66 streets, 24 gates, and more things. They make some other Turkish handcrafts such as; rugs, carpets, kilims, and beautiful Turkish tiles. Upon your request, our guide could help to find your masterpiece of Turkish art.

After the Istanbul Walking sightseeing tour, drive back to the hotel.

Note: Lunch at a local restaurant.

Istanbul Walking Tour Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Istanbul Walking Tour Photos

    Istanbul Walking Tour Map
    Istanbul Walking Tour

    Istanbul Walking Tours: A Journey Through Time and Culture

    Introduction to Istanbul Walking Tours

    Istanbul, a city rich in culture and history, is the ideal location for anyone who enjoys traveling on foot. There is something for everyone in the selection of walking tours, which range from the Free Walking Tour Istanbul to the Istanbul Old City Walking Tour. Consider taking one of the guided Istanbul tours for a deeper experience.

    Reasons to Take a Walking Tour in Istanbul

    Discover the History

    Istanbul’s walking tours provide a singular opportunity to delve deeply into the city’s extensive history. Each step you take through the cobblestone streets reveals a fresh layer of history, from the Byzantine era to the Ottoman Empire.

    Experience the Culture

    You can feel the lively energy and various cultural influences that make Istanbul a distinctive city as you stroll through the busy streets. A walking tour will fully immerse you in Istanbul’s fascinating culture, from the call to prayer resonating from ancient mosques to the aroma of freshly brewed Turkish tea.

    Taste the Local Cuisine

    Without trying some of the city’s delectable cuisine, no walking tour of Istanbul would be complete. Be sure to sample the delectable street cuisine, such as simit and baklava, while you wander the meandering lanes or dine on a traditional Turkish dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    Make New Friends

    A walking tour is a fantastic way to meet other tourists and make new acquaintances. The journey becomes much more enjoyable when shared with others as they explore Istanbul.

    Highlights of Istanbul Walking Tours

    Hagia Sophia

    Any Istanbul walking tour must include a stop at the Hagia Sophia, a marvel of Byzantine architecture. It was formerly a church but was subsequently turned into a mosque and is now a museum that displays its amazing history.

    Blue Mosque

    Another crucial stop on your walking tour is the well-known Blue Mosque, which features six minarets and beautiful Iznik tilework. Keep in mind that it is still a place of worship, so dress modestly and show respect for regional traditions.

    Topkapi Palace

    Topkapi Palace, formerly the home of the Ottoman sultans, is now a museum that provides an insight into the lavish way of life of the imperial rulers. As you discover its elaborate chambers, courtyards, and gardens, you can discover its intriguing past.

    Grand Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar is a maze of hues, odors, and sounds with almost 4,000 businesses.

    Galata Tower

    Another must-see on your Istanbul walking tour is the historic Galata Tower. Awe-inspiring panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus Strait, which divides Europe and Asia, may be had by ascending to the summit.

    Private Istanbul Walking Tours

    Customized Itineraries

    Consider scheduling a private Istanbul walking tour for a more specialized experience. These excursions include flexible itineraries, so you can select the locations and neighborhoods that most appeal to you.

    Personalized Experience

    With a private tour, you’ll get individualized attention and learn about the history and culture of the city according to your interests. For those who desire a more personal experience, it is the perfect choice.

    Tips for Enjoying Your Istanbul Walking Tour

    Wear Comfortable Shoes

    It’s crucial to wear supportive, comfy shoes because you’ll be walking about the city. The streets and sidewalks of Istanbul can be uneven, so wearing the right shoes will enhance your walking trip.

    Stay Hydrated

    Istanbul may get quite warm and muggy, especially in the summer. Bring a reusable water bottle and drink enough fluids while on your walking tour.

    Respect Local Customs

    Keep local customs in mind when you explore Istanbul, especially when you visit places of worship. Be considerate of local customs, wear modest clothing, and take your shoes off before entering mosques.

    Travelers seeking to appreciate Istanbul’s colorful culture and extensive history will find that walking tours of the city offer a memorable experience. Each step leads to a discovery, from the Old City’s famous landmarks to the Grand Bazaar’s busy lanes. Whether you select a guided, private, or free walking tour, you’ll undoubtedly leave this amazing city with lifelong memories.

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