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Konya Tour From Istanbul

Konya Tour From Istanbul – The home of philosopher and poet Rumi, feel the mysticism & Sufism in Konya. Join the Konya Tours and learn about central Turkey. Book Daily Konya Tours from Istanbul with Package Tour Turkey.


Daily Konya Tour from Istanbul

Konya Tour from Istanbul
We will pick you up from the hotel and head towards the airport for the domestic flight to Konya. Meet at Konya Airport with your professional guide and start the tour.

Our first stop is Mevlana/Rumi Museum; the Islamic philosopher, theologian, and poet Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi were born in 1207 in Khorassan. The meaning of Mevlana is “our master and president” and implies the love of people for him. After his death, they built a tomb in 1274 where the other dervishes are also buried. The Mausoleum consists of a library, madrasah, kitchen, graves, and rooms of dervishes.

Karatay Madrasa, was built by Emir Celaleddin Karatay in 1251 during the period of Sultan Keykavus II. The architect of the madrasa is unknown. Even the Ottomans continued to use the madrasa, but it was abandoned in 19C. Karatay Madrasa was converted into a museum in 1955 as the “Tile Artefacts Museum,” where one of the most beautiful Turkish tile pieces is on display.

Alaeddin Mosque is one of the most important and biggest mosques of the Seljuk Empire. The mosque was commissioned by Sultan Rukneddin Mesud but completed during Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I’s reign in 1221. Alaeddin Mosque is located on Alaeddin Hill

Selimiye Mosque, just located next to the Mevlana Mausoleum and built By the Ottoman Sultan Selim II when he was governor of Konya in 1558. The construction was completed in 1567.

Ince Minaret Madrasa, or Stone and Wood Arts Museum, is located in the Selçuk district of Konya. The madrasa was built by Sultan Izzeddin Keykavus and was commissioned by Vizier Fahreddin Ali, and designed by the architect Keluk bin Abdullah in 1264.

After the Konya tour, drive back to the airport. After landing back in Istanbul, transfer back to the hotel.

Konya Tour From Istanbul Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Flight tickets from Istanbul to Konya
Flight tickets from Konya to Istanbul
Professional tour guide at tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at tour
Round way airport transfer


Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Konya Tour From Istanbul

    Konya Tour from Istanbul: Unveiling the Magic of Rumi

    Are you looking for a distinctive experience when you go on your upcoming vacation to Turkey? Look nowhere else! A Konya tour from Istanbul is the ideal option for anyone who wants to experience Turkey’s spiritual side while also learning about its rich history and beautiful surroundings. Everything you need to know about Konya tour packages, key sights, and transportation choices will be covered in this article.

    Why Choose a Konya Tour from Istanbul?

    Rumi, a famous poet from around the world, was born in Konya, which served as the Seljuk Empire’s former capital and is a city rich in history. A Konya tour from Istanbul will give you the chance to:

    Rich Cultural History

    Learn about Konya’s cultural assets, including its historic buildings and whirling dervish rituals. Konya is the ideal location for history buffs because it has admirably preserved its past.

    Spiritual Significance

    Rumi, a well-known poet, and philosopher, was born in Konya, the epicenter of Sufism, a mystic Islamic tradition. You may explore Turkey’s spiritual side and gain first-hand knowledge of Rumi’s teachings by traveling to Konya.

    Natural Beauty

    Konya provides an opportunity to see Turkey’s natural beauty, from its broad plains to its rolling hills and rocky mountains. Beautiful scenery is all around Konya.

    Exploring Konya: Top Attractions

    Ensure that your Konya tour package includes visits to these must-see locations when you make your reservation:

    Mevlana Museum

    The Mevlana Museum serves as both the city’s spiritual hub and the ultimate resting place of Rumi. This museum displays items connected to Rumi’s life as well as the background of Sufism and whirling dervishes.

    Selimiye Mosque

    The beautiful dome and delicate tile work of this elegant mosque from the 16th century, created by well-known architect Mimar Sinan, make it a must-see location for lovers of architecture.

    Alaaddin Mosque

    Alaaddin Mosque, Konya’s oldest and most important mosque, is perched atop Alaaddin Hill. It gives sweeping views of the city and contains the tombs of numerous Seljuk sultans.

    Karatay Madrasa

    This madrasa from the 13th century has been transformed into a museum, and it features striking architecture and a sizable collection of Seljuk ceramics. It’s a must-see site in Konya because of the elaborate tile work and distinctive motifs.

    Konya Tour Packages: Options and Prices

    Different Konya trip packages are offered, each providing a distinctive experience. Popular choices comprise:

    Private Tours

    Private tours provide you the chance to explore Konya at your speed with a dedicated guide if you’d like a more individualized experience. Private trip costs can range from $200 per person and up, depending on the itinerary and level of customization.

    Customized Packages

    Customized Konya vacation packages let you design the ideal journey based on your choices and interests. These packages could combine cultural encounters, guided tours, and outdoor activities. Prices vary according to the activities and lodgings selected.

    Konya to Istanbul: Transportation

    There are several transportation options available to travel from Konya to Istanbul:


    Air travel is the quickest way to get from Konya to Istanbul. It takes around an hour and a half to fly from Konya Airport to the airports in Istanbul. One-way ticket costs can range from $25 to $100, depending on the airline and the time of purchase.


    A convenient and beautiful option for traveling from Konya to Istanbul is by rail. The high-speed train costs $15 for basic class and $25 for business class, and it travels in 4 hours and 30 minutes.


    The cheapest method of transportation between Konya and Istanbul is by bus. The trip lasts between 9 and 11 hours, and tickets cost between $10 and $20.

    A Konya tour from Istanbul is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the captivating city’s rich history, spiritual significance, and scenic beauty. You can choose from a range of travel packages to find the one that best suits your interests and financial situation. Don’t pass up the chance to experience Rumi’s magic and Konya’s alluring allure.

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