Myra was founded during the Hellenistic period as part of the Lycian Union, and since it was one of the 6 biggest cities, it was eligible to give 3 votes. Myra is also where St. Nicholas had been lived and died, who also known as “Santa Claus.” Saint Nicholas was born in 300 AD in Patara, then moved to Myra, where he was a bishop. There is a church on behalf of his name where he is buried. Saint Nicholas is known as the protector of the kids and the sailor. Saint Nicholas died on 6 December 365 AD when he was 65.

Since Myra was a harbor city, the wealthy people came from all over the Mediterranean and made it a vibrant and cultural city. You can see typical Lycian architecture in Myra, the rock tombs carved on the cliffs and built the Roman theater. After the Arab raids, Myra lost its importance, and in the following centuries, Myra passed to the Ottoman Empire.

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