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As the first cable car in Turkey, it has been in service since 29 October 1963. After the last renovations, with its advanced technology, it was re-opened in 2014. The Cable Car has three stations; Kadiyayla Station is 1231 meters high from sea level. The Sarialan Station is 1635 meters high from sea level and the cable car reaches there only in 12 minutes. The last station is Uludag peak point 1810 meters high, where the hotels are located.

In total, the Bursa Cable car has 144 cabins and rotates every 20 seconds. The total capacity is 1,500 persons in one hour. The cabins are 8 persons who have been designed as aerodynamic to prevent jounces. You can book Bursa Cable Car Tour with Package Tour Turkey.


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Uludag Cable Car Tour

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