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Ihlara Valley is located in the Guzelyurt district of Aksaray province. Ihlara Valley is 14 kilometers in length and depth, reaching from place to place to 120 meters and countless habitats have the characteristic of being the biggest canyon in the world where people had lived history. With hundreds of churches, shelters made from the natural rock formations in the valley, and the formation of fairy chimneys, Ihlara Valley has become one of the world’s most remarkable cultural and civilization centers. The valley houses some churches such as;

Agacalti Church (Daniel Pantanassa): the murals and the frescoes are dating back to the 9th and 11th centuries. The frescoes show the Annunciation, Nativity, Adoration of the three Maggies, Fleed to Egypt, Holy Baptism, Koimesis, and Ascension.

Kırkdamaltı Church (H. Georgios): Located in Belisirma Village in Ihlara Valley. The church is an irregular hexagonal plan with a flat roof engraved in the concave form in the apse direction to the east. The original door still exists. The church was renovated by Lady Tamar, the wife of Basileios, in the 13th century. The frescoes show the scene of Deises, Metamorphosis, Ascension, and the image of the Seljuk Sultan Mesut II.

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