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Antalya Scuba Diving Tour

Scuba Diving Tours Antalya

Antalya Scuba Diving Tour – Explore the hidden world underwater in the Mediterranean Sea with Scuba Diving Tours Antalya. Book the Scuba Diving Turkey Tours with Romos Travel.

Scuba Diving Tour in Antalya City
Pick up from hotel for Scuba diving experience,

This tour allows you to dive with experienced instructors even if you don’t have any experience yet.

You will get training to make safe and healthy diving which is held in the pool. Following the basic training, You will be ready for sea training.

On the first dive, your personal diver will show and learn how to dive.

The crystal water of the Mediterranean where magnificent fishes and coral reefs in diving sites.

Regulations by law are stringent to ensure a top level of safety.

Don’t miss this chance; dive into the turquoise-colored sea in Mediterranean crystal water.

At the end of the tour, transfer back to the hotel.


Detailed Antalya Diving Programme:

Day Tour Schedule
All our guests are invited to the Daily diving tour that we organize every day during the season. No experience, no knowledge of swimming, no equipment, etc., nothing prevents you from diving. We’re taking care of everything. You just come as if you are going to the sea, and we apply for our program below:

Gathering-around 09:50, we meet the guests we received with the transfer and their guests at the port.

Start of the tour – around 10:00, our boat leaves the port and goes to the Bay where we will perform the dives.

We perform the first dive for groups in the diving area between 11:00 and 13:00.

Lunch-we offer lunch on the boat from 13: 00 to 14: 00.

The second dive – we go to a different point between 14:00 and 16:00 and perform the second dive.

Return to the port – around 16:30-17:00, we return to the port and say goodbye.

Antalya Scuba Diving for Everyone!

Beginner Divers
Most of our guests participating in our diving tours are novice divers, that is, those who will dive for the first time. Diving takes place with novice divers accompanied by an instructor.

Experienced Divers
An instructor again accompanies our dives with experienced divers. According to our guest’s experience level, cave dives or underwater wreck dives are performed.

Diving Certification Program
Our guests who want to turn diving into a professional endeavor can receive PADI or CMAS badges if they participate in our training and complete the necessary dives.

Antalya Scuba Diving Tour Details

Departure & Return Location


Antalya, Hotels/Adress


Price Include


Pick up from the hotel
Diving experience
Drop off back to the hotel


Price Exclude


Gratuities to trainer
Personal expenses
Drinks during lunch


Reservation Request Form

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    Antalya Scuba Diving Tour Photos

    Antalya Scuba Diving Tour Map
    Antalya Scuba Diving Tour


    What days are your tours?
    September May to the end of the period from the weather or sea in the extreme weather situation as long as there is not an extreme anomaly every day we have a tour.

    Where are your Transfer points?
    We start the transfer from Antalya Kundu as 07:30; Lara region 07:50, Dedeman region 08:00, Üçkapılar region 08:15, Markantalya and Centenary around 08:30, 5m Migros region 08:35, Konyaalti region 08:45, Sarisu Highway 09:00; Beldibi, Goynük and Çamyuva regions around 09:30.

    Do we have to know how to swim to dive?
    No, diving doesn’t have to know how to swim. In fact, based on our experience, we say that those who do not know how to swim dive better than those who do.

    How old can we dive?
    Our instructors decide who can dive or not. According to Normal standards, our minimum diving age is 15.

    Are we diving by ourselves?
    No. We have a professional diving instructor with you.

    Do we dive all day?
    No. As dives are performed in groups, one group dives underwater, while the rest can sunbathe on the boat, go to sea, and snorkel.

    How long are the diving times?
    Under Normal circumstances, each dive is about 20 minutes.

    What’s for Meal?
    Chicken schnitzel, spaghetti, salad.

    But we don’t have diving equipment, so what do we do?
    We give you all your diving equipment. You just come as if you’re going to the sea.

    I’m wearing a hijab, do you have any clothes?
    For women with hijab, we have diving jumpsuits with closed arms and legs. As long as you don’t mind that the outfit is tight.

    Antalya Scuba Diving: Discover Turkey’s Underwater Treasures


    The Turkish coastal city of Antalya is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, historic ruins, and exciting nightlife. However, its true beauty may be found underwater, where both expert and beginning divers will find a tropical paradise. The Antalya scuba diving tour, diving locations, and all the information you require to organize an outstanding underwater adventure in Turkey will be covered in this article.

    Antalya Scuba Diving Tour

    A scuba diving tour in Antalya is the ideal way to discover the area’s amazing underwater ecosystem. You can take in the breathtaking marine life and breathtaking underwater scenery that make Antalya a top diving destination thanks to the range of diving sites that are suitable for divers of all levels of experience.

    Antalya Diving Sites

    There are many diving locations in Antalya, each with special qualities and attractions. Several well-liked websites are:

    Sican Island

    Sican Island, also known as Mouse Island, is one of the best places in Antalya for snorkeling and scuba diving. For those who enjoy diving, this place is a must-visit because of its clean seas and diverse marine life.


    Ucagiz, a well-known diving location close to Kekova, offers an amazing fusion of historic sites, caves, and colorful aquatic life. Get up close and personal with colorful fish and other aquatic species as you dive around the ruins of the sunken metropolis.


    Kemer, a charming coastal town, offers a variety of diving locations, including underwater caverns and shipwrecks. With its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life, it is the perfect location for divers of all skill levels.

    Antalya Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving in Antalya has activities for both experienced and novice divers. You’ll never run out of interesting adventures in Antalya’s underwater world, from exploring wrecks and underwater caves to swimming with sea turtles and schools of fish.

    Antalya Diving

    Divers of all experience levels, from novices to experts, may dive into Antalya. Everyone may have a safe and pleasurable underwater trip thanks to the equipment, instruction, and direction provided by dive shops and instructors.

    Antalya Diving Tour

    An expert dive guide, transportation to and from your hotel, and diving gear are normally included in an Antalya diving vacation. Depending on your schedule and preferences, choose between half-day and full-day tours.

    Scuba Diving Antalya

    The vivid underwater ecosystem of the area can be explored through scuba diving in Antalya. PADI courses and certifications are available for novices at dive shops in Antalya, as well as more challenging programs for seasoned divers wishing to develop their knowledge.

    Diving in Antalya

    Due to its abundant marine life, crystal-clear seas, and intriguing historical monuments, Antalya offers an amazing diving experience. Under the waves, there is always something new to uncover, from shipwrecks to underwater caverns.

    Scuba Diving in Antalya

    Due to its distinctive combination of natural beauty and historical mystery, scuba diving in Antalya is an experience you won’t soon forget. It’s the ideal location for both beginning and expert divers because there is a range of dive locations to suit all skill levels.

    Snorkeling in Antalya

    Without the need for scuba equipment, Antalya provides a wonderful opportunity for snorkelers to explore its underwater world. In locations like Sican Island and Kemer, snorkelers can take advantage of the abundant marine life and pristine waters.

    Scuba Diving in Turkey

    Turkish residents and visitors alike enjoy scuba diving, with Antalya being one of the top locations. The nation is a prime place for underwater exploration because of its fascinating history, stunning coasts, and balmy Mediterranean waters.

    Scuba Diving Turkey Antalya

    Turkey Scuba Diving The best of the nation’s underwater environment and the area’s distinctive history and culture come together in Antalya to create an experience unlike any other. Antalya distinguishes itself as a top diving destination in Turkey because of its great diving spots and top-notch amenities.

    Tips for a Successful Dive

    The following advice will help you have a memorable and safe diving experience:

    Pick a trustworthy dive shop and guide.
    Make sure your gear fits properly and is in good condition.
    Know your boundaries, and only dive to the level of your ability.
    Before diving, stay hydrated and abstain from drinking.
    Always dive with a buddy, and stay in touch with the other divers in your dive group.

    Safety Precautions

    When diving, safety should always come first. Take these safety measures:

    Before each dive, check your equipment.
    Keep an eye on your depth and air supply.
    Perform safety stops as you gently ascend.
    Observe the instructions given by your diving leader or instructor.
    Be mindful of the local aquatic life and refrain from touching or upsetting it.

    Divers of all experience levels may enjoy the unique and amazing diving in Antalya. Antalya is the ideal location for your upcoming diving excursion because of its breathtaking underwater scenery, abundant marine life, and intriguing historical monuments.

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