Daily Bursa Tours
In Turkish history, Bursa has a special place where the Ottoman Emire founded by Sultan Osman in 1299. The Empire, initially, was a Beylik (a state-owned) belonging to Seljuk Empire. Bursa had become the capital city of the Ottoman Empire in 1300’s, later, Edirne and Istanbul. Bursa houses the samples of Ottoman architectures such as; the Grand Mosque, Green Mosque, Silk Market, Khans and Bazaars. Romos Travel Agency offers you to explore Bursa with our professional tour guides and services. Daily Bursa Tours includes the historical buildings, the authentic streets, admirable architecture, delicious Turkish food. When you are in Bursa, you should definitely visit the Mount Uludag with the cable car. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Romos Travel Agency. Let us organize your trip wherever you are in Turkey.

bursa city tour

Bursa City Tour

Bursa as the first capital city of the Otoman Empire, has many historical buildings
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bursa cable car tour

Bursa Tour with Cable Car

Enjoy with the most popular cable car and the ski Mount Uluday
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ertugrul tour from istanbul

Ottoman Sultans and Ertugrul Tour

Visit the village where the Ottoman Empire was founded and the tomb of Ertugrul
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