Selimiye Mosque is just located next to the Mevlana Mausoleum and was built By the Ottoman Sultan Selim II when he was governor of Konya in 1558.

The construction was completed in 1567. The mosque is one of the most beautiful samples of classical Ottoman mosques. According to the architectural plan, Selimiye Mosque is similar to Fatih Mosque in Istanbul. The mosque has a central dome and is surrounded by seven semidomes in the outer courtyard.

Information about the Konya Selimiye Mosque
In the northern part of the mosque, which was built using cut stone, there is a final community place with six round-shaped columns and seven domes. The mentioned columns are connected to each other by arches made of white and red stone. There is an entrance to the worshiped area through three doors. The main entrance door of these three doors is filled with muqarnas and made of marble. At the same time, there is also an inscription on this entrance door, the date of which is unclear.

Konya Selimiye Mosque
On the door located on the right side, there is an inscription in the form of a believer in the mosque who enjoys it like a fish in water. On the door on the left side, there is an inscription in the sense that the hypocrite in the mosque is like a bird that is overwhelmed in a cage. The places of worship are located on two thick paillettes and are covered with a rather high central dome. The dome in question is supported by a half dome in front of the altar, and on the sides, it is supported by three small domes.

The entrance to the worship area is made by a marble muqarnaslı artifact, the altar of which is sky blue in color, located on the axis of its door. Mimbar is one of the beautiful examples of stone decking, along with being made of white marble.

History of the Konya Selimiye Mosque
The Konya Selimiye Mosque, which is one of the most beautiful works of Ottoman classical architecture in Konya, was built by Sultan II. dec. Its construction was started in 1559 when Selimin was serving as the governor of Konya during his reign. It is estimated by historians that the construction of the mosque was carried out by the architect Sinan. The mosque, the construction of which was completed, was repaired in 1685 and in 1816. Konya Selimiye Mosque was finally repaired by Architect Muzaffer in 1914.

Who Built the Konya Selimiye Mosque?
Sultan 2, who had made the sanjak principality in Konya. It was built by Selim. The mosque is the work of Mimar Sinan.

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