A Greco-Roman city where the death shall not enter. There was a healing complex and hospital, built in 4C BC on behalf of Asclepius. It was one of the most important cities with their healing methods and architecture. According to myth, Arkhias got seriously injured himself while he was hunting. He was cured in Asklepion of Epidauros. He founded the same hospital in western Anatolia (Turkey) after healing. Moreover, Asklepion has become very important cure center and raised the most successful doctors and physicians of the ancient times such as; Satyr and Galen. ıt is thought that the first musical treatment was applied in Asklepion. The ancient people used to come here from all over to get cure with holy waters, thermal waters, mud baths etc…

Asklepion is also a Roman city where they built theater with 3,500 capacity. Temples and sanctuaries. The cut stone with two serpent relief has become the symbol of medicine.

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Pergamon, rising dramatically on a hilltop four hundred meters high above the valley of the River Kaikos, is among the most exciting places in Aegean Turkey to visit. Since it lies inland from the sea it did not attract Greek colonists during the Dark Age; a small indigenous population occupied the site. The legend of the mythical founder Telephos, the son of Heracles, that is depicted in sculpture on the Altar of Zeus, probably arose from a desire to enhance the city’s stature in the Hellenic mind. During the Archaic period it remained a small hilltop city with a commanding and easily fortified position. In about 470 BCE King Gongylos of Eritrea, who supported the Persians, ruled there. In 399 BCE the Spartans, attemting to gain territory in Anatolia after the Peloponnesian War, seized it for a short while with the help of the historian and mercenary Xenophon; but they failed to hold it.

After his victory at the Battle of Granicus in 334 BCE, Alexandre the Great bypassed Pergamon on his march South to Sardis and Ephesus. But his successors, the Diadochi who fought each other fort he control of his empire impacted the city’s future.

Romans relied on Pergamon for their source which was called that material “charta pergamne”, from which we get to Word “ parhment”.

The Acropolis of Pergamon towers over the northern end of Bergama. It is divided, into the upper and the middle cities with residential areas between them on slopes too steep for civic buildings. To visit the Acropolis you take the cable car to reach the top oh the hill. And you will see;; Temple of Trajan, which was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 2C AD. The steepest theater of the ancient world when was constructed in 3C BC, rebuilt by Eumenes II again and has 10,000 seats. The temple of Dionysus located on the North of theater.  And some others suc as; bath complex, agora, tempel of Demeter, gate of Eumenes, house of Attalus etc.

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