Located by the Dardanelles (Hellespont), Troy ancient city is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. We know all about it from Iliad of Homer and its main characters suc as; King Priam, Helen, Paris, Hector, Achilles and Agamennon. Troy was firstly a Hittite settlement which named as Wilusa.

Archaeologists have discovered at least nine distinct layers of habitation at Troy, going back five thousand years. Following cycles of repeated destruction and rebuilding from the Bronze Age (2920-2350 BC) to the Roman era, each new city rose over the debrisof an earlier settlement. Yet, because of the power of a single literary work, we rae mesmerized by the drama that unfolded in the ten-year span of the Trojan War. Homer, in the Iliad actually concentrates on a much shorter time, the last months of the war: He tells us of the action and emotions of a few characters; he exposes their flaws as well as their nobility; he also gives vivid descriptions of the place.

The names of tge Achaean Greek wariors, Agamemmon, Achilles, Odysseus, Patroclus, as well as the Trojan king Priam, his wife, Hecuba and son Hector, resonate with us, but the millenia before and after the legandary war tend to remain as historical voids.

You can also follow the footprint of those ancient people explore Troy and imagine the story on behind of the Trojan War. During the visit you will see the Defense walls, Temple of Athena, Megaron shelters, the palace, defense ramp, odeon, Roman baths and The replica of Trojan Horse.

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