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4 Days Antalya Tour – The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea with Antalya Tour package 4 days. Explore Turkey by Package Tour Turkey. The Antalya Tour Package.


4 Days Antalya Tour Package


Day 1 – Arrive in Antalya
Welcome to Antalya! Where the Pearl of Mediterranean.
Meet at Antalya Airport: Once you arrive at Antalya Airport, after the luggage claim, you will be greeted by a Romos Travel Representative at the meeting area.

Transfer to the hotel: You will be taken to your hotel, and after check-in, you will have time for leisure, and the rest of the day is yours.

Overnight stay in Antalya.

Day 2 – Antalya Old City Tour
After breakfast, we begin the Antalya Old City Tour.

The Pergamon King Attalos founded Antalya, and it is believed that the name of the city derives from Attalos. We’ll be walking among the ancient streets, and the first spot is The Hadrian Gate, built by the Romans on behalf of Emperor Hadrian upon his visit to Antalya in 130 CE. The gate has three arches and Corinthian style Hıdırlık Tower, built-in 2nd Century CE by the Romans, and it is located on the southwest of the Old Town, by the dominating spot of the cliffs. The tower has a small room on the first floor, and in the upper gallery, there is an observation spot where they could follow the ships or any reaching invasion to the city. Once Antalya is surrounded by a defense wall, the Clock Tower is a small part of this that exists today. They renovated the last part of the defense wall and added a clock in honor of Sultan Abdulhamid to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ascent to the throne. While walking down to the water, near the ancient port, we will stop for a while and rest whilst following the ships and breathing the fresh Mediterranean air.

After the Antalya Old City tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Antalya.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at the hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 3 – Aspendos, Perge, Side Tour
After breakfast, we shall drive to Aspendos Theatre, built by Emperor Aurelius, designed with a U-shaped style and leaning slopes. It has 5 gates, and it still protects its acoustic ability, and with 20,000 person capacity, the theatre is still used today to host concerts. Perge was founded as a colony of the Pergamum Kingdom around 300 BCE. During Alexander’s invasion of Anatolia, the residents of Perge served him as his guide. The mathematician Apollonius was born in Perge around 200 BCE. The city passed under Roman control in 188 BCE after Romans inherited the Pergamum Kingdom. Side, the naval city was founded by the Anatolian indigenous people who spoke a local dialect that was different from Greek. The side never passed under the control of the Pergamum Kingdom. The city’s name means pomegranate, which locals are still growing today. The site is situated by the Mediterranean Sea, and most of the remains date back to 1-4C CE.

After the Aspendos, Perge, and Side tour, drive back to the hotel. Overnight in Antalya.

Note: Breakfast & Dinner at the hotel, Lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 4 – Transfer to Airport
Breakfast at the hotel, Pick up from the hotel, and transfer to Antalya Airport for the flight back to Istanbul for your International flight.

After completing the amazing “4 Days Antalya Tour”, Package Tour Turkey wishes all guests a very healthy and wonderful life ahead…

4 Days Antalya Tour Details

Departure & Return Location


Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Can be supplied depending on your International flight details.


Price Include


Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Professional tour guide at tours
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Accommodation is as below:
Antalya: Holiday Inn or a similar hotel
3 Breakfasts at hotel
2 Lunch at tours
2 Dinners as mentioned in the itinerary



Price Exclude


Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Visa & International flight tickets








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    4 Days Antalya Tour Photos
    4 Days Antalya Tour Map
    4 Days Antalya Tour

    Antalya Tour Package

    A 4-day vacation is perfect in Antalya, a lovely city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. For all kinds of travelers, Antalya offers a diverse and interesting experience with its stunning beaches, historical attractions, and active culture. This article will provide you with a thorough overview of a 4-day Antalya tour, along with suggested itineraries, tour options, and advice on how to make the most of your time there.

    Antalya Museum

    The Antalya Museum, which has an outstanding collection of items from the area’s historical past, is a great place to start your Antalya experience. You may discover more about the city’s lengthy history and the cultures that once called it home here.

    Hadrian’s Gate

    After that, proceed to Hadrian’s Gate, a striking arch constructed in memory of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. For history buffs, this famous landmark is a must-see since it makes for great photos.


    The rest of your first day should be spent touring Kaleiçi, the picturesque old town of Antalya. Discover hidden courtyards while exploring winding cobblestone alleyways, and take in the magnificent Ottoman-era architecture. Visit neighborhood stores and eateries to savor delectable Turkish food while you explore.

    Beach Day and Waterfalls

    Lara Beach

    Visit Lara Beach’s immaculate sands for a tranquil beach day. Enjoy the sunshine, swim in the pristine waters, and take part in various water sports.

    Düden Waterfalls

    After having fun at the beach, visit the magnificent Düden Waterfalls. These breathtaking cascades provide a pleasant change of scenery from the sandy beach and make an ideal subject for photographs.

    Historical Sites and Nature


    One of Turkey’s best-preserved archaeological monuments is the ancient city of Perge. Explore the remains of Roman temples, theaters, and bathhouses while taking in the beautiful mosaics and enduring statues.


    Aspendos, which has one of the best-preserved Roman theaters in the world, is another historical landmark that should not be missed. Even now, concerts are held in this amazing edifice, exhibiting both its ageless beauty and usefulness.

    Kursunlu Waterfall

    Visit the tranquil Kursunlu Waterfall, which is hidden within a verdant nature park, to cap off your day. The serene environment and stunning surroundings offer the ideal backdrop for introspection and relaxation.

    Boat Tour

    Take a boat cruise on your last day to see the breathtaking Antalya coastline from a different angle. While sailing over the Mediterranean, take in the stunning cliffs and turquoise waters. Numerous boat cruises also offer swim and snorkel stops at undiscovered coves and beaches.


    After a 4-day tour of Antalya that will never be forgotten, it’s time to leave this magical city and pack your luggage. Leave with priceless memories and a deeper understanding of Turkey’s fascinating history and culture.

    Antalya Tour Packages

    Standard Package

    Accommodations, daily breakfast, and guided tours of Antalya’s top sights are all included in the regular package. For those on a tight budget who nevertheless want to see the finest of Antalya, this choice is perfect.

    Deluxe Package

    The deluxe plan includes better lodging, more meals, and more specialized activities like private excursions and special access to particular destinations. For those looking for a more cozy and immersive experience, this package is ideal.

    Luxury Package

    Choose the luxury package, which includes first-rate lodging, fine dining, and exclusive activities customized to your interests, for the ideal Antalya vacation experience. Travelers who wish to savor the best things Antalya has to offer may consider this package.

    Benefits of Antalya Tour Packages

    An Antalya tour package might help you have a relaxing and well-organized holiday. You may concentrate on enjoying your trip rather than handling logistics by taking advantage of tour packages that frequently include lodging, transportation, and guided tours. Additionally, compared to booking each component separately, travel packages can offer a better value.

    Customizing Your Antalya Tour

    Although the proposed itinerary in this article provides a thorough overview of everything to see and do in Antalya, you might wish to alter it to better fit your interests and travel style. Numerous tour companies provide adaptable packages that can be customized to your demands, guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience.

    When to Visit Antalya

    When the weather is nice and bright, between April and October is the ideal season to visit Antalya. If you would rather avoid crowds, you might want to travel during April and May and September and October.

    Tips for Your Antalya Tour

    Because many of the historical buildings and old town sections have rough cobblestone streets, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes.
    For sun protection, pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
    Try some regional cuisine like kebabs, baklava, and pide.
    When visiting holy locations, dress modestly and observe regional norms.
    To converse with locals, learn a few fundamental Turkish words and phrases.

    A 4-day Antalya vacation delivers the ideal ratio of leisure, excitement, and cultural encounters. You can design a memorable holiday based on your interests and preferences by following this suggested itinerary and taking into account the many tour packages offered. Plan your trip to Antalya right away!

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