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Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour

Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour – Join our Guided Ihlara Valley Tour and Explore the underground cities and the valleys during Tours of Cappadocia. Book it with Package Tour Turkey.

Guided Ihlara Valley Tour

We pick you up from the hotel. Then, start to Cappadocia Day Tour. Your guide will be introducing you to the highlights of Cappadocia, such as;

Derinkuyu Underground City; it is said that the Hittites first carved the underground cities in Cappadocia. The Byzantines formed and shaped them after Christianity arrived in Cappadocia. Around 20,000 people could fit in these multi-level underground cities. You can see the shelters, ventilation, storage, stalls, kitchens, and chapels.

Ihlara Valley; the valley has many rock-cut dwellings, and the churches make it a different destination. According to historians, Ihlara Valleys is the first settlement of the Christians in Cappadocia who escaped from Roman soldiers. The river was a source of life for those people in ancient times. Ihlara Valley has some churches such as; Sümbüllü Church, Kokar Church, Karagedik Church, etc.…

Belisırma; a Roman village located in the middle of Ihlara Valley and near river Melendiz. The Romans named here “peristirema,” which means “beautiful landscape.” Although It’s unknown when the village was founded, the ancient dwellings and churches still exist and can be visited.

Selime; undoubtedly, Selime Monastery surprises you that how far those ancient people were good at carving. The monastery is cathedral size of the rock, carving dwellings and chapels. The first Christians of Cappadocia painted murals.

Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour Details

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Professional tour guide at the tour
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Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

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Gratuities to guide and driver
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Drinks at lunch

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    Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour Photos
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    Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour

    Exploring the Wonders of Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley: An Unforgettable Journey


    For every travel enthusiast, Cappadocia in central Turkey should be on their bucket list. It’s no surprise that it’s a well-liked tourist destination with its distinctive geological formations, historic cave settlements, and magnificent vistas. The captivating Ihlara Valley, a lush gorge cut by the Melendiz River, is one of its numerous attractions. In this post, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the beauties of Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley and provide you with information on their history, tourist hotspots, and travel planning advice.

    A Brief History of Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley

    Cappadocia’s Formation

    Volcanic eruptions that left behind thick tuff layers millions of years ago created the unusual topography of Cappadocia. Erosion of this soft substance over time shaped the stunning fairy chimneys, caves, and other natural structures that we see today.

    Ihlara Valley’s Significance

    Early Christian settlers who lived in the Ihlara Valley for centuries carved churches, monasteries, and homes into the soft rock. The valley was a haven for people fleeing persecution, and because of its seclusion, religious communities thrived there.

    Highlights of a Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour

    Göreme Open Air Museum

    The Göreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see on every tour of Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley. This amazing complex includes churches carved out of rock and decorated with priceless frescoes that reveal the creativity and devotion of the early Christians who previously resided here.

    Fairy Chimneys

    Fairy chimneys are unusual rock formations that resemble tall, slender towers and are among the most recognizable views in Cappadocia. The soft tuff was eroded to create these geological wonders, which were then covered in firmer layers of basalt.

    Underground Cities

    There are various underground cities in Cappadocia, including Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. These underground towns, which early Christians constructed as a last resort against invasions, contain labyrinthine passages, habitations, storage spaces, and even churches.

    Selime Monastery

    The Selime Monastery is a striking complex of rock-cut buildings that is located near the mouth of the Ihlara Valley. It features a living area, a church the size of a cathedral, and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

    Experiencing the Ihlara Valley

    Hiking in Ihlara Valley

    Hiking through the Ihlara Valley’s breathtaking environment is one of the greatest ways to enjoy it. On the 14-kilometer trek, you may explore rock-cut chapels and monasteries as you pass luscious vegetation and soaring cliffs along the Melendiz River.

    Belisirma Village

    Belisirma, a lovely village offering a glimpse into traditional Turkish life, is situated in the Ihlara Valley. You can dine here at a restaurant by the river or just unwind and take in the tranquil ambiance.

    Agacalti Church

    Ihlara Valley’s Agacalti Church, sometimes referred to as the Church under the Tree, is a well-kept secret. This rock-cut chapel is a must-see on your tour because it has colorful frescoes that have been astonishingly well-preserved.

    Preparing for Your Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley Tour

    When to Visit

    The seasons of spring and fall are the best for visiting Cappadocia and Ihlara Valley since they are mild and the scenery is at its most colorful. Additionally, there are fewer tourists during certain seasons, making for a more tranquil and fulfilling experience.


    A variety of lodging options are available in Cappadocia, including unusual cave hotels that combine classic design with contemporary conveniences. Think about vacationing in Göreme, which is conveniently situated and offers quick access to the main sights in the area.


    Guided tours, automobile rentals, and public transportation are some of the ways to get to Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley. A guided tour is a great option for individuals who value a set itinerary and knowledgeable commentary on the history and culture of the locale.

    Tips for a Successful Tour

    You’ll probably spend a lot of time walking and touring, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
    Keep yourself hydrated, especially in the summer.
    Respect the historical and cultural significance of the places you visit and observe any laws or ordinances that may be in place.
    For a deeper grasp of the area’s history, culture, and attractions, think about hiring a local tour.
    Bring a camera to record the stunning views and wonderful memories.

    A trip to Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley provides a memorable experience in a magnificent setting that is rich in history and abounding in the wonders of nature. By paying attention to our advice and recommendations, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your vacation and generate memories that will last a lifetime.

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