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Gobeklitepe Tour From Istanbul

Gobeklitepe Tour From Istanbul – The 12,000 years of settlement or a temple is the oldest human settlement on earth. Book the Daily Gobeklitepe Tours from Istanbul and join the Guided Gobeklitepe Day Tour.


Daily Gobeklitepe Tour from Istanbul

Daily Gobeklitepe and Urfa Tour from Istanbul
We will pick you up from the hotel and head towards the airport for the domestic flight to Sanliurfa. Meet at Sanliurfa Airport with your professional guide and start the tour.

Visit Göbekli Tepe is accepted as the first temple in history, dating 12,000 BC, by the authorities. The site is the oldest human-made place of worship yet discovered and was developed by hunter-gatherers in 10,000 BC. Archaeologists have unearthed the temples are round megalithic buildings. T-shaped monolithic limestone pillars up to 3 meters high were found in the temple.

Visit Urfa, the city of the prophets. Urfa is located in the southwest of Turkey near the Syrian border. Urfa showed great resistance during the British and French invasions in 1918-1920, and the city was named Great Urfa by the Turkish government in 1975. İn ancient times, Urfa had been a crossroads between the middle east, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and an important commerce city. The city was under the control of many civilizations such as; Mesopotamia, Macedonia, Persian, Hittite, Roman, Seljuks, and the Ottoman Empires. It is believed that the prophet Abraham, Jacob, Noah, Jetroh, Lot, Elisha, and Moses lived in Urfa.

After the Gobeklitepe Tour, drive back to the airport. After landing back in Istanbul, transfer back to the hotel.

Gobeklitepe Tour From Istanbul Details

Departure & Return Location


Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Can be supplied depending on your International flight details.


Price Include


Flight tickets from Istanbul to Sanliurfa
Flight tickets from Sanliurfa to Istanbul
Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at tour
Round way airport transfer


Price Exclude


Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses



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    Göbekli Tepe Tour from Istanbul: Exploring Ancient History

    Are you prepared to travel back in time and investigate one of the most important archaeological finds of the twenty-first century? If so, a Göbekli Tepe tour from Istanbul might be ideal for you. Everything you need to know about organizing a trip from Istanbul to Göbekli Tepe will be covered in this article, including what to expect on the tour, advice for having a great time, and solutions to frequently asked issues.

    About Göbekli Tepe

    The Archaeological Site

    The Pre-Pottery Neolithic era, or roughly 9600–7000 BCE, is when the ancient archaeological site known as Göbekli Tepe, in southeast Turkey, was first discovered. The “world’s first temple” was founded in 1994 by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt and is known for its magnificent megalithic buildings and exquisite stone sculptures.

    Significance of Göbekli Tepe

    Göbekli Tepe puts to the test our understanding of early human civilization and the emergence of religion. The exquisite carvings and substantial stone pillars point to a sophisticated society that existed before agriculture and ceramics. This astounding discovery has fundamentally altered our understanding of human history and the timeline of societal development.

    Planning Your Göbekli Tepe Tour from Istanbul

    How to Get There

    Flying into Anlurfa Airport (GNY) from Istanbul is the quickest method to get to Göbekli Tepe. The location is roughly an hour’s drive from the city; you may get there by renting a car or scheduling a guided tour.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best seasons to visit Göbekli Tepe are in the spring (April and May) and fall (September and October), when the weather is moderate and there are fewer visitors. It can be uncomfortable to explore an outdoor site during the hot summers and chilly winters.

    Tour Options

    While going to Göbekli Tepe on your own is possible, taking a guided tour from Istanbul is highly advised. A qualified tour guide can give you insightful information on the significance, history, and culture of the location. For your Göbekli Tepe experience, many tour companies provide day trips, multi-day tours, or even personalized itineraries.

    What to Expect on Your Göbekli Tepe Tour

    The T-Shaped Pillars

    The T-shaped limestone pillars at Göbekli Tepe, some of which are up to 20 tons in weight and 5.5 meters (18 feet) tall, are among the site’s most outstanding characteristics. Researchers think these circular enclosures made of pillars may have served religious or ritualistic functions.

    The Enclosures

    A ring of smaller pillars surrounds a center pair of T-shaped pillars in each of the enclosures that make up Göbekli Tepe. Archaeologists have so far discovered four main enclosures (A, B, C, and D), although there are signs that there may be more enclosures buried beneath the ground.

    The Stone Carvings

    Complex animal carvings, including foxes, lions, snakes, scorpions, and birds, adorn the T-shaped pillars. These engravings shed important light on the values and practices of the prehistoric inhabitants of the area. According to some experts, the creatures could be representations of various totemic emblems or even heavenly constellations.

    Tips for a Successful Göbekli Tepe Tour

    Preparing for Your Trip

    Do some research on the location’s history and cultural significance before beginning your Göbekli Tepe trip from Istanbul. This will enable you to interact meaningfully with your guide and other travelers and appreciate the experience more thoroughly.

    How to Dress

    Considering that the site is exposed and can be fairly hot in the summer or freezing in the winter, dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Due to the possibility of difficult and rocky terrain, wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. For sun protection, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

    Staying Safe and Respectful

    Being respectful and adhering to all written rules and standards is essential due to the site’s significance as an archaeological site. Stay on the prescribed paths, and don’t touch or climb on the pillars or other structures. To preserve peace on the tour, be kind to your fellow participants and keep your voice down.

    A Göbekli Tepe trip departing from Istanbul offers a rare opportunity to discover one of the most significant archaeological finds in world history. You may guarantee a memorable and fulfilling experience that will stick with you long after your trip is over by using the advice and guidance in this article.

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