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Princes' Island Tour

Princes’ Island Tour – Explore the cozy and colorful streets and seafood restaurants of Princes’ Island. Let’s take a ferry ride and start a journey for Istanbul Day Tours and enjoy the Guided Princes’ Island Tour.


Guided Princes’ Island Tour

Your pick-up will be scheduled for 8:30 am from the hotel to start the Princes’ Island Tour. Today you will explore the highlights of Princes’ Island, such as;

The biggest island of Istanbul among the 4 others. The Prince’s Island is called “Büyükada” officially, which means “the Grand Island” in Turkish. The history dates back to the 6th. AD and first, it was named as Prinkipos, which means “prince.” Prince’s Island has many historical buildings with churches and mosques. Besides, the island has lots of seafood restaurants and beaches. We are embarking on the boat and after the 1-hour journey to reach the Prince’s ısland. It’s not allowed to drive cars, motorbikes, or other vehicles except ambulances or police cars. We are using phaetons or bikes to explore the island. We have delicious seafood that comes from the Sea of Marmara and walks around doing some shopping. After our free time, we take the boat to Istanbul Pier. Meet with the Driver at the pier and drive back to your hotel—overnight in Istanbul.

Note: Lunch at a local Seafood restaurant. (vegetarian option available)

Princes' Island Tour Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at the tour

Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Princes’ Island Tour

    A Day Trip to Princes Island: The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction to Princes Island

    A lovely collection of nine islands known as Princes Island, or “Adalar” in Turkish, can be found in the Sea of Marmara not far from Istanbul. The public can visit four of these islands, including Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kinaliada, which provide a distinctive, picturesque escape from the busy city life. The Princes Island trip is a must-do activity when in Istanbul because of its stunning scenery, ancient monuments, and peaceful mood.

    How to Get to Princes Island

    Ferry Service

    Taking a public ferry from Istanbul’s Kabataş or Bostanc ferry docks is the most popular way to go to the islands. With breathtaking views of the city and the nearby seas, the ferry ride is a leisurely and picturesque tour. The ferry schedules should be checked because they could change based on the time of year.

    Private Boats

    Private boats can be rented to take you on a Prince Island tour if you want a more secluded experience. With this choice, a more flexible schedule and an individualized experience are possible.

    Exploring the Islands


    Being the largest of the islands, Büyükada is a well-liked vacation spot for both visitors and locals. The following are a few of the island’s must-see attractions:

    The Splendid Palace Hotel

    This exquisite old hotel is a fine example of Ottoman architecture from the late 19th century. The hotel’s sumptuous grounds and exquisite rooms offer a glimpse of Büyükada’s opulent history.

    Aya Yorgi Monastery

    Atop a hill, this Greek Orthodox monastery provides stunning views of the island and the surrounding water. The trek to the monastery is a well-liked adventure activity for tourists.


    Heybeliada, the second-largest island, is filled with breathtaking natural beauty and important historical landmarks. Among the notable attractions are:

    Heybeliada Naval Academy

    This esteemed institution was established in 1773 and has produced many notable personalities in Turkish maritime history. Visitors can enjoy the impressive building from the outside even if the academy grounds are not accessible to the general public.

    Terk-i Dunya Monastery

    The Monastery of the Assumption, a Byzantine monastery from the eleventh century, is situated atop a magnificent hill overlooking the island. The intact building provides an intriguing glimpse into the island’s religious history.


    Burgazada, the third-largest island, offers tourists a calmer and more relaxed option. There are several notable places there:

    Sait Faik Abasiyanik Museum

    This museum features the life and works of well-known Turkish author Sait Faik Abasiyanik and is located at his former home. Visitors are welcome to wander through the home, look at his belongings, and discover more about his contribution to Turkish literature.

    Hristos Monastery

    This Byzantine-era Greek Orthodox monastery is perched atop a hill and provides sweeping views of the island and the Marmara Sea.


    The quiet atmosphere and Armenian heritage of Kinaliada, the smallest of the main islands, are well-known. Important sights include:

    Armenian Church

    This lovely cathedral, which is devoted to the Virgin Mary, was built in the 19th century and bears witness to the island’s extensive Armenian heritage.

    Proti Island

    Just off the coast of Kinaliada, the uninhabited Proti Island is a tranquil spot for swimming and tanning. From Knalada, boat rides to the island can be arranged.

    Activities on the Islands

    Bike Riding and Carriage Tours

    The main modes of transportation on the islands are bicycles and horse-drawn carriages because motor cars are not allowed there. Each island offers carriage trips and bike rentals, providing a special and entertaining opportunity to experience their natural beauties.

    Beaches and Swimming

    Several beautiful beaches and bathing areas can be found on the islands, making them ideal during the warmer months for a cool plunge in the Marmara Sea.

    Dining and Local Cuisine

    At the several eateries and cafes dispersed throughout the islands, savor the delectable regional cuisine, which features fresh fish and traditional Turkish specialties.

    Tips for the Perfect Princes Island Tour

    Keep the following advice in mind to get the most out of your Princes Island tour:

    Get to the ferry docks early to get a seat with a good view.
    When exploring the islands, put on comfy shoes.
    To protect yourself from the sun, bring a hat and sunscreen.
    There is a lot to see and do on each island, so allow enough time to visit them all.
    By adhering to the laws and regulations mentioned, you will respect the community and the environment.

    A Princes Island tour allows you to take a welcome break from Istanbul’s bustle and experience the peace and beauty of these picture-perfect islands. The Princes Islands should not be missed during your trip to Turkey due to their fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, and fun activities.

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