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Trabzon Tour From Istanbul

Trabzon Tour From Istanbul – Take a flight to Trabzon from Istanbul and start on Guided Trabzon Tour to explore its nature and history in the Black Sea of Turkey. Book the Daily Trabzon Tours from Istanbul.


Daily Trabzon Tours from Istanbul

Daily Trabzon Tour from Istanbul
We will pick you up from the hotel and head towards the airport for the domestic flight to Trabzon. Meet at Trabzon Airport with your professional guide and start the Trabzon City tour. Our professional tour guide will be introducing the ancient sights of Trabzon.

Today you will explore the highlights of Trabzon, such as;

Sumela Monastery, almost 1600 years old and located on the high cliffs of the Pontic Mountains, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The founders were two Greek priests called Barnabas and Sophronions during Roman Emperor Theodosius’s reign in 4C AD.

Altındere National Park, located in Maçka, Trabzon. It was officially approved as a national park; the habitat, fauna, and flora, and also house Sumela Monastery. In the park, there are restaurants, and the park provides some opportunities such as; crossing, hiking, and wandering among nature.

Ataturk Pavilion, purchased by the local administration, then presented Atatürk, in honor of his visit to Trabzon. Atatürk sailed off at the Black Sea on 27 November 1930 and reached Trabzon, then spent the night at the Pavilion and returned to Istanbul. On his second visit, the Pavilion was named Atatürk Pavilion by the local people.

Trabzon Hagia Sophia, built by Emperor Manuel I, founded Pontus Empire in 1238-1263. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II in 1461, the church was converted into a mosque in 1584.

After the Trabzon Tour, drive back to the airport. After landing back in Istanbul, transfer back to the hotel.

Trabzon Tour From Istanbul Details

Departure & Return Location 

Istanbul / Hotel or Adress


Price Includes 

Flight tickets from Istanbul to Trabzon
Flight tickets from Trabzon to Istanbul
Professional tour guide at the tour
Air-conditioned vehicle for tours and transfers
Entrance fees, mentioned in the itinerary
Lunch at tour
All airport transfers


Price Excludes 

Gratuities to guide and driver
Personal expenses
Drinks at lunch

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    Trabzon Tour From Istanbul

    Discover the Beauty of Trabzon: A Comprehensive Guide to Trabzon Tours

    Trabzon, a historic city in Turkey’s Black Sea region, offers a distinctive fusion of landscape beauty, human history, and culture. The city is the perfect location for tourists looking for a great experience because of its beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and delectable local cuisine. With an emphasis on the Trabzon tour from Istanbul, Trabzon tour packages, and Trabzon tours, this article will offer a thorough introduction to experiencing Trabzon through various tours and packages.

    Trabzon Tour from Istanbul

    Booking a Tour Package

    By purchasing a travel package from Istanbul, Trabzon can be explored most practically. Many tour companies provide a variety of packages that cater to various interests and price ranges. These packages frequently include lodging, travel, meals, and guided tours of the city’s top sights.

    Duration and Itinerary

    Istanbul to Trabzon excursions normally last three to five days. Depending on the package you select, the itinerary could change, but most excursions will include the must-see attractions and leave plenty of time for relaxation and exploration.

    Trabzon Tour Packages

    Different Trabzon trip packages are offered, accommodating a range of interests. Popular choices comprise:

    Cultural Tour Package

    A cultural trip package will cover the city’s most important historical attractions, including old monasteries, mosques, and museums, for history and culture buffs.

    Adventure Tour Package

    A variety of thrilling activities, including rafting, paragliding, and trekking, are available as part of adventure vacation packages in the breathtaking terrain surrounding Trabzon.

    Nature Tour Package

    A trip package that focuses on discovering the area’s beautiful scenery, such as its lakes, forests, and waterfalls, will appeal to nature lovers.

    Trabzon Tours

    Make sure not to miss these great sights while seeing Trabzon:

    Sumela Monastery

    The Sumela Monastery, which is perched on a sheer cliff, is a striking sight and a must-see on every Trabzon tour. The monastery, which was built in the fourth century, has magnificent frescoes and murals.

    Atatürk’s Mansion

    Formerly Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s summer home, this lovely estate has been turned into a museum that displays Atatürk’s items and gives visitors an insight into his life.

    Hagia Sophia

    The Trabzon Hagia Sophia, which was formerly a Byzantine cathedral and today houses stunning murals and complex stone sculptures, is a museum.

    Trabzon Tours from Istanbul

    Two main routes connect Istanbul to Trabzon:

    By Flight

    The most practical choice is to fly straight from Istanbul to Trabzon. There are many flights each day, and the flight lasts roughly 1.5 hours.

    Exploring Trabzon’s Cuisine

    Due to its distinctive setting and lengthy history, Trabzon has developed a delectable food scene that must not be missed. Among the must-try regional delicacies are:

    Akçaabat Meatballs

    Grounded beef, ground lamb, and a variety of spices are combined to create these mouthwatering grilled meatballs. They create a filling lunch when combined with bread and fresh vegetables.

    Laz Böregi

    Laz Böregi, a pastry created from layers of thin dough filled with a sweet custard-like filling and cooked till golden brown, is a well-known dish in Trabzon. The ideal accompaniment is a cup of Turkish tea.


    Anchovies, often known as hamsi, are a common ingredient in Black Sea region cuisine. You can grill, fry, or bake these tiny fish with rice and seasonings, among other cooking methods.

    Travel Tips for Your Trabzon Tour

    To make the most of your Trabzon tour, consider these travel tips:

    Currency and Payments

    The Turkish Lira (TRY) is the country’s official currency. Although credit cards are routinely accepted at bigger establishments, it is still advisable to have some cash on hand for transportation and smaller purchases.

    Weather and Clothing

    Summers in Trabzon are warm, and winters are chilly and rainy. Pack proper attire, including waterproof clothing for anticipated downpours and cozy walking shoes.

    Safety and Health

    Tourists can feel comfortable traveling to Trabzon most of the time, but it’s always a good idea to exercise caution, like locking up your things and avoiding dimly lit areas after dark. Make sure you have travel insurance and any required prescriptions as well.

    With its fascinating history, spectacular natural beauty, and lively local culture, Trabzon is a popular travel destination. Your trip will be one to remember, whether you select a Trabzon tour from Istanbul or explore the city using different tour packages. For a seamless trip, remember to sample the regional food and adhere to the recommended travel advice.

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