Perge was founded as a colony of the Pergamene Kingdom around 300 BC. During Alexander’s invasion of Anatolia, the residents of Perge served him as his guides. The mathematician Apollonius was born in Perge around 200 BC.

The city passed under Roman control in 188 BC after Romans inherited the Pergamene Kingdom. Perge became the leading city of Pamphylia. You can see the theater, 14,000 person capacity with Roman-style stage building, dating back to around 120 AD during the visit. City wall with rectangular towers, dating 121 AD—the Roman bath with its parts such as tepidarium, frigidarium, and caldarium. Western basilica and the churches, dating back to 5C and 6C AD, have been discovered. Agora, a marketplace and shopping center. The aqueduct is still visible; a single arch and a double arch on two levels.

The other importance of Perge is John Mark left Paul and Barnabas in this city.

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