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Karatay Madrasa was built by Emir Celaleddin Karatay in 1251 during the period of Sultan Keykavus II. The architect of the madrasa is unknown. Even the Ottomans continued to use the madrasa, but it was abandoned in 19C. Karatay Madrasa was converted into a museum in 1955 as the โ€œTile Artefacts Museum,โ€ where one of the most beautiful Turkish tile pieces is on display.

First, through the door, a wide courtyard comes with a dome that is opened now, and the madrasa’s entrance comes after. The courtyard is covered with a dome and a lighthouse in the center, and mosaic tiles. The triangles are the gateway to the dome with Muhammad’s names, Jesus, Moses, andย  Davis, the caliphs’ names. The tiles on the walls came from the palace Kubad-Abad; they have been excavated on the bank of Lake Beysehir. The tiles and the ceramics are from the Seljuk and Ottoman eras.

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