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After Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the Republic of Turkey, he started a journey with his wife and governors all around Turkey. On 15 September 1924, they came to Trabzon, receiving a warm welcome from the people of Trabzon. On the same night, Atatürk was shown hospitality in the Pavilion, which was built in 1913. After the declaration of the republic, the ownership of the Pavilion was passed to the local administration. On the following day, Atatürk visited Trabzon and then left the city.

The Pavilion was purchased by the local administration and then presented at Atatürk in honor of his visit to Trabzon. Atatürk sailed off at the Black Sea on 27 November 1930 and reached Trabzon, then spent the night at the Pavilion and returned to Istanbul. On his second visit, the Pavilion was named Atatürk Pavilion by the local people.

On 10 June 1937, Atatürk made a last visit to Trabzon and spent two nights at the Atatürk Pavilion. He donated the Pavilion to the nation’s people, and then they converted it into a museum.

Atatürk Pavilion consists of a bathroom, aide’s room, bedroom, study room, and a beautiful garden.

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