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Kaymaklı is 20 km. from Nevsehir and 9 km. from Derinkuyu. The city’s old name of Enegup was changed by the Anatolian Greeks to Enegobi and changed again after 1924 by the Turks to Kaymaklı.

The type of entry floor of the underground city can be dated to the Early Byzantine Era. Kaymaklı was discovered in 1964 and is estimated at 20 mt. Depth; it is possible to visit the first four levels.

Kaymaklı Underground City is one of the most visited museums in Cappadocia; once the visitors enter, the Kaymaklı can see the carved churches, shelters, wineries, and ventilation shafts. All the rooms are connected to one by narrow corridors.

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Kaymakli Underground City Cappadocia

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