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Dalyan Caunos was an important coastal city in ancient times, but the city lost its importance when the port was silted up. According to Herodotus, the first inhabitants were Carians and originated in Crete. And ancient geographer Strabon said that the city had a huge harbor.

It is believed that Dalyan Caunos was founded by Kaunos, who was the son of Miletos. Dalyan has one of the most beautiful rock tombs dating 4th BC, which still can be seen on the cliffs. After the Persians invaded Anatolia, Dalyan passed under the control of Mausolus, who was the Carian king, and soon after, Alexander the Great captured the city in 334 BC.

Dalyan was even ruled by Antigonos, Ptolemaios, Pergamene, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans. Today, you can rent a boat with Romos Travel at Koyceğiz Lake, visit Dalyan Caunos, and head to Iztuzu Beach (the Turtle Beach), which stretches along the Mediterranean Sea and where the endangered turtle species Caretta Caretta’s are breeding. Even you can have some Blue Crab on the boat while enjoying the breeze.

You can book Dalyan-Caunos, Turtle Beach Tour with Package Tour Turkey

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