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Xanthos was one of the Lycian League cities that it has a dramatic story in the background. When the Persians invaded the city, the people of Xanthos showed the most striking example of this passion.

The ancient historian Herodotus conveyed that they did not open the city gates to the Persian army and killed all women and children in case of captivity and burned the city not to leave anything to their enemies. Also, they fought until nobody left and died. In the following centuries, Xanthos refused to be Roman sovereign and then was destroyed again by the Romans.

Despite all these dramatic stories, Xanthos became one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean. We also learn from Homer that the city’s commander participated in the Trojan War with the Trojans.

Xanthos houses one of the best well-preserved rock tombs and sarcophagus of ancient times.

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