Urfa, the city of the prophets. Urfa is located in south-west of Turkey near syrian border. Urfa showed great resistence during the british and french invasion in 1918-1920 and the city was named as Great Urfa by turkish goverment in 1975. In the ancient times, Urfa had been a crossroads between the middle east, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and an important commerce city.

The city was under control of many civilizations suc as; Mesopotamia, Macedonia, Persian, Hitite, Roman, Seljuks and the Ottoman Empires. It is beleieved that prophet Abraham, Jacob, Noah, Jetroh, Lot, Elisha, Moses lived in Urfa. In the ancient times, Urfa was known as Edessa meaning in Illiyrian “the water-city.”

It was named after nother Edessa, the ancient capital of Mecidonia. Coins minted under Antiochus Epipanes (175-164) referred it as “Antioch by te Callirhoe,” that is, by the beautiful flowing water. Edessa emerged as the early center of Syriac Christinaity in the east as well as becoming the literary capital of the Syriac world.

Urfa has many historical spots; Balıklı Göl (Fish Pools), Grand Mosque, Old City and Gobekli Tepe. According to the latest researches, Gobekli Tepe is the oldest settlement and temple in the world that the history goes back to 10,00 B.C . the excavations are still going on to find out the secrets of Gobekli Tepe.

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