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Frequently Asked Questions Ephesus

Ephesus Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ephesus worth visiting?

If you are interested in archeology, you should definitely visit Ephesus. We Romos Travel Agency provides private and regular guided Ephesus Tours everyday.

What is Ephesus now called?

Ephesus is located in Selcuk town which is part of Izmir province. Since the Roman times, it has been called as Ephesus. As an archeological site, it is called as Ephesus Ancient City Museum belongs to the Ministery of Culture and Tourism.

How long do you need in Ephesus?

We recommend guided tours for Ephesus ancient city unless you are an archeologist. There are many ruins which need to be explained by the guides. we have got full day guided tours for Ephesus. Please visit our website.

How far is Ephesus from Istanbul?

Ephesus is one hour flight ticket away from Istanbul. Let us organize your trip to Ephesus from Istanbul. Please check our “Daily Tours from Istanbul” page.

Where should i stay when visiting Ephesus?

As Romos Traven Agency, we always book the Kusadasi hotels because of the central locations and facilities. Even if Ephesus is located in Selcuk town where some hotels are also available, Kusadasi district is much developed and only 20 minutes drive from Ephesus.

Is Kusadasi a good holiday destination?

Kusadasi is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday vacation destinations. Kusadasi is located on the western coast of Turkey. The district has many bays and activities that streching along the Aegean Sea. Please visit our website for Kusadasi Tours.

Is Kusadasi good for families?

As Romos Travel, we focused on the comfort of the families and chosed the family and kids friendly hotels. Kusadasi is one of the safest and most comfortable tour destinations of Turkey. You will see the friendly and kind people around. Please visit our website for Kusadasi Tours. We have “Turkey familiy Tours” page on our website.

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