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Zelve is located on the steep northern slopes of Aktepe/Cappadocia. Zelve has three valleys where the most beautiful fairy chimneys are. Although the troglodytic life began is unknown in Cappadocia, Zelve was the most important religious center (Christianity) between the 9th and 13th centuries in Cappadocia. And the first religious meetings were held for the priests in Cappadocia. There are two churches which are Balikli and Uzumlu, and the winery is located in the 1st valley. The Church of the Holy Cross is in the 2nd valley. In the 3rd valley, a monastery complex carved into a dome-like rock mass and through to exit, Direkli Church is located.

Pasabagı (Paşabağları) is known as the “valley of the priests” where the huge fairy chimneys are located. This is where you can easily get into the rock formations and witness the ancient lifestyle. The valley houses the Church St. Simeon, who lived a reclusive life in Aleppo and later fled to Cappadocia in the 5th century.

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