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By early 1915, the war on the Western Front had reached a stalemate. The Gallipoli campaign was intended to break the deadlock. In the spring of 1915, Allied warships bombarded the peninsula’s coastal forts and attempted to force their way through the narrow Dardanelles Straits controlled by the Ottoman Empire’s forces. On 18 March, three Allied battleships were lost to mines, and they abandoned the naval attack.

On the morning of 25 April, British forces landed around Cape Helles on the southern tip of the peninsula, and the Anzacs came ashore further North in an area later named Anzac Cove. Every year thousands of Australians and New Zealanders come over to the Anzac Cove/Gallipoli to commemorate their ancestors who lost their life in Gallipoli. There are many commemorative sites and monumental cemeteries: Lone Pine, Beach Cemetery,  Shrapnel Valley, Plugge’s Plateau, Quinn’s Post Johnston’s Joly, The Nek, and Chunuk Bair.

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