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With the European style façade, Synagogue was built by the Austrian origin Askenazis in 1900 in the Galata neighborhood of Istanbul. The synagogue is the biggest among the other three synagogues in the same neighborhood. The Ashkenazis came to Istanbul from Germany in the 14th century.

The dome, which is covering the center of the synagogue, was ornated with colored gilts. The chandeliers were brought from Vienna. The panels were written in German in the synagogue. The Torah cabinet, which was made of ebony, was ornated with Ottoman architectural art. The domes, horseshoe-shaped arches, and carvings are typical Ottoman architectural samples.

The two boards, written The Ten Commandments, even were made in the Ottoman-Turkish Style. With the two Azara, Ashkenazi Synagogue is one of the rarest synagogues in Turkey. Bar Mitzvahs, wedding ceremonies, and religious rituals are still being held in the Ashkenazi Synagogue.

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Ashkenazi Synagogue Turkey

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