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Harran was under the Amorite king Adki-Takim during the reign of Hammurabi (1700 BC). The citadel was first built around 1300 BC by Adadnirari I. Haran was the center for the worship of Sin, the Mesopotamian moon god. Harran was under the Persian Empire’s control until 331 BC when Alexander the Great liberated the city on their way to the Tigris. During the Hellenistic period, it served as the capital of the Seleucid province of Osrhoene. In Roman times the city was named Carrhae.

The citadel, dating from 1300 BC, still stands in the southeast part of the city. The Sin temple is thought to have stood over the site of the Grand Mosque built in 744. Harran University was believed to be the first Islamic university, from 8-9C AD. The city walls have 187 watchtowers and six Gates. The conical beehive houses are generally no longer inhabited but only used as storage. This indigenous style of construction has been used in Mesopotamia/Anatolia for thousands of years.

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