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Gobeklitepe Gobeklitepe: The Oldest Temple In The World What do we know about Göbeklitepe, which was built 12 thousand years ago? The world’s first and oldest temple? What do we know about The Legend of Göbeklitepe Göbeklitepe is a temple that changes history, the architecture of Göbeklitepe and the meanings that this region carries stand...
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Amazing Places in Turkey

Amazing Places in Turkey Amazing Places to visit in Turkey The most beautiful and interesting places in Turkey, We have generated the list for you to explore Turkey’s amazing sites and places; Cappadocia You should write on your bucket list! Istanbul the best and the most beautiful Ephesus The city of Ancient times Pamukkale The...
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buy gift from cappadocia

What to buy from Cappadocia?

What to buy from Cappadocia? What to buy from Cappadocia? Cappadocia is one of the most famous site in the World, when you are there we suggest you to buy some gifts and souvenirs such as; Cappadocia Onyx Stone Objects From Üçhisar, Cappadocia Tile & Ceramic from Avanos Cappadocia Wine Cappadocia Carpet and Kilims Cappadocia...
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Why Cappadocia is so Famous?

Why Cappadocia is so Famous? Why Cappadocia is World-Famous site? Cappadocia is such a beautiful and magical place that no matter how good words you use, every sentence will be insufficient to describe the beauty of the Cappadocia region. Although you have read hundreds of articles about the Cappadocia region, you will never understand why...
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istanbul local tastes

Istanbul Local Tastes

ISTANBUL LOCAL TASTES DISHES AND AUTHENTIC RESTAURANTS Istanbul Local Tastes Vefa Bozacisi / FATIH Boza is the oldest Turkish drink in science. Millet semolina is produced from water and sugar. Vefa Boza opens its first ticaareth shop in 1876. Because of its opening in Vefa district, it gets the name “Vefa Bozacı”. You should definitely...
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Top Ancient Sites In Turkey

Top Ancient Sites In Turkey 10 Ancient Sites In Turkey It is time to explore Turkey’s natural beauties as well as its historical and cultural beauties. Ephesus Ancient City The ancient city of Ephesus is the most important ancient city in Turkey and is one of the best preserved and restored ancient cities to this...
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